Morning training on an empty stomach

Huelers. I am seeking opinions on training on an empty stomach in the morning. I do want to lose a stone in fat but my main driver for morning training is I can guarantee it’ll happen whereas sometimes in the evening if work overruns and all that evening training doesn’t happen.

I’ve read the interweb and the general consensus gives the nod to empty stomach training as long as the training is sensible, like not breaking PB’s doing weights and or trying to run a marathon. My training will either be swimming, 60-80 lengths in 45 minutes or weights (I’m not a serious lifter). I’ve also it might be a good idea to have something like a banana first thing just to my stomach is not entirely empty. After training I’ll be having my usual Huel breakfast of 90g + 8g of cacao powder.

Any thoughts appreciated.

Never had a problem with it. Work from home every Monday so get up at 05:45 and bang out a pull session (Deadlifts, rows, chins). Never suffered ill effects.

Do a 10k every Sunday at 9am on an empty stomach, again, no ill effects. Absolutely fine. :slight_smile:

Ignore two things:

  • BCAAs
  • “Fasted fat burn”

Both pretty much a load of bollocks. The former being a piece of marketing genius, to be fair.


I usually go to the gym on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. Never noticed any difference really from when I go in the evening.

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My standard workout is an 8 mile+ (I go a longer way if I have time) cycle into work, and I pretty much always go without breakfast until I get there.

Personally I wouldn’t worry about the banana - if you want to have a banana first, sure, I just don’t think you need to do it just to keep your stomach from being empty.

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I would quite regularly run 1/2 marathon distance in the morning before eating. You’ll not have any problems.

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I train with weights in the morning. I make the post-workout meal coincide with the end of my fast, as I usually do Intermitting fasting (16-8). Never trained so well!

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As Runningman said… I don’t think you’ll have any difficulty. I have based out many 20-30 mile training runs and races without breakfast first.