My 1st Day Drinking Huel On My Attempt To Be 100% Huel

Hi my name is Tony,

I recieved my first ever order of 8 bags of Vanilla flavoured Huel yesterday (26/07/2016), so i decided to start my first day.
I have drank 2 1/2 shakes since 08:00AM GMT, plus a small packet of crisps for lunch.

Can anyone recommend a healthy lunch for my first couple of weeks going 100%?

I plan on drinking one more shake an hour or so before I go to bed.

Thank You for reading.

If you drink anymore shakes today you’re going to have some digestion problems, I imagine. Try to build up to 100% Huel over a longer time period.

Yeah, go in a bit slower. I went full bore out of the gates and my guts went pretty wonky - although that might just be me!

Before huel, id have one of the following for lunch:

Tinned tuna (water) on wholewheat bread with a squirt of lemon juice and pepper. Side salad with toms, spring onions and pepper with a drizzle of olive oil.

Lean mince fajitas with basically the same salad, but in a wholewheat wrap, without the oil.

Chicken dahnsak with brown rice. Home cooked, not from a takeaway!

Basically lean meat, slow carbs and loads of veg…

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Oh but that’s actually a great lunch, might want to keep it and replace the other meals with Huel

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I like green beans+cherry toms+tuna+fat free dressing with a poached/soft boiled egg - NOM!
Not too heavy at all but very satiating

I think this depends on the person - I went into it 100% to begin with and had no problem with it whatsoever (but then again, my diet was already very rich in fibre).

But yeah, probably best to advise people to do it gradually just in case.

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