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I was quite skeptical about huel. Alot of Shakes can be really bland but I was so surprised!! Its now my favourite go to and I love that you can buy the flavour boosts!


flavour boosts give me reflux and i prefer the v3 flavours mixed anyway.

please god what is the solvent to my acid reflux problem



Have you seen a doctor? I was prescribed Omeprazole and my reflux stopped immediately. My mum takes Lansoprazole, which does the same job.

I had reflex for years, from my early twenties to my late thirties. I never mentioned it to a doctor, just suffered and ate a lot of Rennies. As soon as I asked a doc, bang, cured.

It could be caused by diet, smoking, solvents, alcohol, worrying about death or other stress. Or it could be something serious like a hiatus hernia. Get it checked out, don’t suffer when you don’t have to.

Hi Matt, I suffer from acid reflux in my sleep. Quite scary in middle of night when I wake up chocking. I invested in a wedgehog pillow and havn’t been sick since. Quite expensive but worth it. Plus I’ve been able to stop my medication, same as what David was on. I have to make my shakes with only 1 scoop but that’s what works best for me. :blush::joy_cat:

Yeah if you want to avoid medication you can try adding more water - thick shakes set me off more than thin

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Apologies @Chloeedee welcome to the forum and good luck with Huel!