My huel feels like the crumbs in the bottom of the milk after finishing the last of the cereal. please help

ok so i just got my first huel today. i drank about half of it poured the rest down the drain. i think i mixed it wrong, didn’t taste bad i got the chocolate and its got that off banana like chocolate flavor like the McDonald’s chocolate shake. however while drinking it i felt like i was drinking the last of the milk from a bowl with the crumbs of the cereal in it, kinda gritty. any tips would be awesome.

I believe the suggested method is to add water, then huel scoops then water and then shake. Unlike mine thick so I tend to have 300ml water, 3 scoops and 250ml water. Then shake for about 30 seconds.

See if this video helps you out:

Top Tips

Have you got a blender? I always blend all mine and bang them in the fridge the night before always tastes good.