My journey since June

I started huel back in June after deciding I needed to change my eating habits. Typically I would think nothing of scoffing a bar of dairy milk after a huge evening meal.

I’m using as subsitute for a bacon butty for breakfast and something stodgy for lunch. I found that coupled with a walking a few laps around a car park come rain or shine I’m not missing the sit down lunch. I’m normally hungry by 6pm so it’s something simple like avacado a fried egg (no oil) salsa and a 2 slices of weight watchers multigrain toast.

I’m averaging a deficit of 500kcals per day. I have dropped from 22st to 20.5st and got a few inches back too. I’m happy as this was a lifestyle change for me and one I’m enjoying :grinning:


Sounds spot on Steve, love that you get in a walk around the car park too - who needs a fancy gym, good for you. Keep us posted here with your progress! Welcome to the team.

Screenshot_20180912-222313_Fitbit clocked up these already

That’s an unexpected bonus…who needs penis surgery when you have Huel.