My journey

Please allow me to introduce myself . I’m a man of wealth and taste​:smiling_imp::smiling_imp:
Hi I’m Igor, a 49 y young truck driver.
I was a big baby, a even bigger child growing to be a very big teenager too become a huge adult,I’ll guess I’m saying I had weight and food problems from birth.
In my early 30’s weighting give and take 150 kg , I saw it was time for a change.
And so I did, but completely wrong , went from all fast food to almost no food and 2hours gym time a day and the trainer gave something to keep on going and burn fat ,well that’s a recepie for disaster , I met my wife 3months later with a weight of 98 kg. Not bad ,except for the fainting . Low blood pressure and over exhausted the doctor told me, and he promised me an early grave if I continued going on. So the misses in panic, that came to an end. After about two years living the couples life, i was back at 135kg and was feeling real bad, so I went for a gastric band, I came back down to 89kg this time, but couldn’t eat normal food, but chocolate and sweets no problem . I’ve learned myself to run 5 k, but felt really weak. The solution was opening the gastric band so i could eat normally , at that time i was heavy in to sport, and had some success with controlling my food. In those years I kept my weight under control with different diets ( keto, Atkins, w.w.,paleo) you name it I did it. And they all work, you just need the discipline to stick with them, which I don’t have.
About 10 years later and 3 knee operations later,and the gastric band removed ,the weight started to go up again. Bye the time I was back at 130kg, I got depressed, and decided to go for a gastric bypass. This was 5 years ago and brought me back to 92kg, i never changed my habits. I always have periods of healthy eating followed by trash eating.
All those years gave me a good insight in diets,I just can’t apply them all the time, I’ve also learned I’m a emotional eater.
I guess it’s going to be for the rest of my life, but I’m starting to win more battles than I lose.

So why Huel.
Well not too lose weight or too keep it steady. Just don’t believe in the magic potion too lose weight.
I don’t count calories

As a truck driver on the long haul, I take my own food with me in a freezer box and sometimes I’m eating out. And don’t forget the gas station trash food. The box is old and starts to malfunction, so lately I’m throwing a lot off food away .
I saw the Huel pub passing by on Facebook,started reading it.
Told myself why not give it try, it’s faster than preparing my meals and if it fills me up it’s a good way to stop waisting food, and in the mean time it’s giving me all I need. And if it stops my cravings for sweets and trash food like some say. Well then the gas stations won’t be making my pockets empty anymore :grin:

So some 3weeks ago, I ordered a starter pack with new vanilla and a flavor pack , it arrived 3days later.
I was on a 2week trip so I had to wait.
When I came home, i gave it a try on Sunday morning, just to see if i liked the taste.
I followed the instructions 400 ml water 3scoops Huel and topped it of with 150ml water no extra flavor, Put it in the fridge for an hour or so
To my surprise, I liked the taste
Then the 2 following days I made the shake with 3scoops and tryed it with flavor day 1 rubarb and custard,na not for me
Day 2 moka, this was better
On Wednesday we left on a little holiday to Hungary, so no Huel
I’m starting today with two shakes, one for breakfast (3 scoops and banana flavor (ok)
One as a morning and afternoon snack (2 scoops Huel 250 alpro coconut milk 1.5 scoops whey powder 1 soup spoon almond butter 1 Thea spoon pure cocoa and top it off with 500ml water) this one needs some tweaking

So this is my introduction to Huel so far

Grtz Igor


Well done for starting, it seems weird in a way that something that’s healthy also tastes good - we’re very good at telling ourself that, it definitely gets easier as you go.

I have a gastric band with no restriction as I couldn’t eat “normal” food, even now fish can stick, meat can stick, soft food slips down easily such as ice cream or chocolate… I wish I knew then what I know now.

Wow it sounds like you’ve have had quite a journey. I can’t imagine what it is like to experience such drastic weight fluctuations. Are you currently at a weight you want to be and trying to maintain it?

That’s awesome, 5k is huge! Are you keeping this up?

I totally agree that there is no magic potion, but hopefully can help you maintain a healthy intake of nutrients as well as controlling your calorie intake.

There’s not one way to enjoy Huel. We’re all different and like everyone enjoys their coffee differently, so does everyone enjoy their Huel differently.

Keep us posted and all the best!

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Hi Tim,
The first 5k was about 10 years ago, the last was last year. Mainly because my knees are busted and it’s getting more difficult to put the pain away.
I’m still trying to get my 3 workouts a week, CrossFit style, that involves running, but no longer the long distance runs.
My actual weight is 97kl, that’s 5kg to much for me.
I feel best at 92kg.
My only goal now is to never again go above 100kg.
All those years gave me a good insight in my self, but it’s only the last year I started to understand what I knew all those years. It’s never too late,as they say,I guess.
I will be fighting food and weight problems for the rest of my life, and that’s ok, I know I will never give up.
Will Huel change my habits, I don’t know. Time will tell.
If not, it’s okay .
I tried to follow the instructions for preparing the shakes,just to start somewhere.
And it’s actually fine for me, like the taste and consistency
Grtz Igor

Hi onestep,
Yeah those gastric bands can be tricky.
I could eat a pack off liege waffles without a problem, a slice of bread wouldn’t go down without running to the toilet, sticking my head in the toilet bowl for half an hour.
With the gastric bypass it’s a lot better, I can eat almost everything in normal portions.
That’s also my downfall actually, you still have to learn to eat good food,not trash, witch i still do.
Now I have the gastric bypass for 6 years, the weight starts go up again.
My doctor told me that before surgery, he said you have about 5 years to learn to eat correctly, after that the body adapts.

Day one on Huel survived.
Breakfast 3scoops with matcha flavor, not too bad
Lunch normal
Snacks berries, youghurt, falafel 5 small ones
Dinner loaded Huel (3 sc Huel,2sc whey, 1sp almond butter, 400ml almond milk,2 tsp raw cacao topped of with 200ml water)
I’m not in to counting calories, but installed MyFitnessPal.
Now I now the dinner shake was over 1000calories, and not a good idea
Couldn’t get to sleep, and had a little chemical Warfare going on, a small truck cabin not a good place for that🤮
Funny thing was, about an hour after the dinner shake I felt hungry , which I didn’t have during the day.
All by all it was a good start
Grtz Igor

You could feel hungry after dinner because you’re actually thirsty. Also sometimes the hunger is just mentally.

My hunger after having dinner comes from old habits of watching TV and eating at the same time. For me it’s a difficult habit to break.

My experience with Huel so far is that your can make shakes that vary greatly in the amounts of calories.

Just water and 3 scoops of Huel is about 450cals. But keep in mind that adding stuff to it also means more calories.

I would recommend calorie counting for at least one day. Just to create an awareness for yourself of how much you actually consume. That can be more than you think it is. But I understand if you don’t. Calorie counting drove me crazy everyday so I stopped but now I do have a basic idea of how much I consume.

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Hey Igor

You really have been on a journey & not just driving your truck! Good luck with the huel, sounds like it will fit into your life really well.

Fruit is a good low calorie option to bulk out your huel with more fibre, I use cherries, pineapple, raspberries & I know banana blended into huel is popular with many on here. I’m not sure if you have access to a blender in your truck to make this a practical suggestion for you… Is too much fibre an issue with your gastric band?

You made me laugh with the 1000 calorie huel! I did that by accident too, I bought coconut milk powder for a bargain price in my local shop, chucked a load in my huel, looked on the box & then saw I’d added about 700 cal worth :joy::joy: oops… It was so sickly I couldn’t drink it, so unfortunately that went down the drain!

One thing that struck me about your dinner shake & maybe why you couldn’t sleep was that it contained raw cacao… I put this in my huel too, but it is a stimulant which contains caffeine & some individuals are more sensitive to it than others. I actually buy my cacao over the Internet from a shaman who I have sat in ceremony with (yes really!) to drink the cacao in big doses (42g per mug) & even though it is ‘just chocolate’ it’s a very powerful plant medicine depending on how it is used. It doesn’t make you feel wired like the caffeine in coffee & it actually makes some people drowsy (hence bedtime cocoa!) but for others a ceremonial dose can keep them up all night, so if you are particularly sensitive you may have been kept awake by a much smaller dose… & your stomach discomfort! I hope that has eased now?

Look forward to more of your posts! Keep us updated :blush::+1:

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Hi DvdVgt
The hunger feeling was probably mental,as you mentioned.
After drinking my shake , i poor half a liter off water in the cup to rinse and drink that.
I know ading stuff, gives more calories, that’s on purpose. I was looking for more calories.

With all my years of dieting, I’m pretty good in estimating portions.
But I installed MyFitnessPal to know how much calories I added too my Huel . I’m actually looking for a shake around 1000calories
Thx for your reply

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Good morning VenusFly,
Yes it’s been a bumpy road my journey,and it teached me a lot, just took me a long time to understand :grin:

I’m going to expirement to upgrade my Huel,like most do. Don’t know about fruit, I like eat them normally.
I do have a blender in my truck, as a microwave and some cooking gear. You can say I’m fully equipped :grin:

The 1000calories was actually on purpose, i was looking for more calories to take in. It wasn’t a good idea to test this in the evening dow.

You’re right with cacao, I think, and the extra fat from the almond butter and milk , didn’t help either .
I don’t think I’m to sensitive too caffeine, never had problems with strong coffee

Thx for your reply

Good morning,

So i’m one week on Huel now, I must say I’m surprised.
I was a little skeptical about some statements made on the forum.
But to my surprise, they work for me to.
1 ) no cravings for sweets, true
2 ) no hunger , true . Huel keeps me full for 3to 4 hours , and if I neglect the hunger feeling, I can go even longer
I’m drinking more water than cola zero, so that’s a plus.
I do sometimes get a slight headache, I think it’s the high fiber in combination with my gastric bypass. I’m getting the same headache when eating apples sometimes.
I don’t know if I lost weight, I’m on a two week trip,but I feel pretty good
My routine last week,
1 loaded shake breakfast ( 3scoops Huel, 2scoops whey protein, 1 tbs almond butter, 1,5 ts raw cacao 250 ml almond or coconut milk, topped off with water until full shaker)
1 3scoops shake for dinner
1 normal meal during the day
Snacks if needed, sandwich fruit or yogurt
2 Bodyweight CrossFit type workouts average 20 minutes
Saturday and Sunday
I stayed in Sweden over the weekend,
I ate normal food and some treats
1 shake 3scoops post workout
2 Bodyweight CrossFit workouts
I think that’s how it will be for the rest of my Huel journey, maybe some minor tweaks taste wise.
But I actually like the new vanilla like it is.
My breakfast shake got a little update this morning, with a banana, what can I say, deeeelicious​:1st_place_medal::1st_place_medal::1st_place_medal:
I’m convinced Huel
Subscription don
Some roadside cooking :man_cook:
image image

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