Weight Loss Journey - Journey of a fat man

Hi All.
I am a 35 year old IT professional. You can image I am not the most athletic of people.
I am currently 21 st 5 lbs
I am three scoops twice a day and a regular evening meal.
2 litres of water a day

I am also aiming for 6000 steps day as part of gentle exercise, until i git around 18 stone then I plan on bike riding again.
I am also taking my progress on a blog so I an look back on down days and see where I have come from.
this is the most serious I have ever been about getting on top of my weight issue. I think with the help and support my wonderfully long suffering wife, and random strangers I can get there.

Have also read some fantastic stories on the forum of people achieving great things and this is inspiring me.


Should be able to achieve what you want…assuming your evening meal isn’t a blow out.

@hunzas nope it’s a sensible meal last night it was stir fry today is chicken with vegatables. And on the odd day I need a treat I have a lemonade ice lolly.

in that case (assuming you don’t get too hungry…the main cause of relapse, don’t tire of the taste of Huel…which some do, and keep at it, I think you should see the weight start to drop quite quickly.

6000 steps is also an easily achievable goal…

I will keep an eye on your blog to see how things are going…although i guess you may update us here as well.

@hunzas blog post coming this morning first weekly weigh in just happened… Lost 8lbs so I am happy. I also u see frozen cherries this morning in my huel… blog post will expand on this.

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8lbs in a week is a lot…maybe not one you should expect to see every week, and maybe a bit too much in one go. I am not an expert in weight loss though, but seeing good results is an incentive to continue too.

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Thanks , I am not expecting to see it every week. I am a big fellah so i think that’s part of it as well.

I have written my latest post and have spoken about the very same things you have said

Just read the blog, good stuff…shame there wasn’t more about Romesh…maybe not…I don’t want any spoilers when I see him next month.

Brillaint and funny romesh that is … as for the blog thanks for the feedback

I very much recommend cycling for getting fit, I’d say you’re less likely to injury yourself doing it than running… unless you fall off/get run over, try not to do that.

I’m also an IT professional and I get my cardio exercise biking to work, a few years ago that would’ve seemed like a ridiculous idea, not because I was massively unfit but just because it’s quite a long way. You’ll surprise yourself with what you can achieve and if you put serious mileage in you’ll burn lot of calories.

Good luck Daniel!

Hi thanks for the support and advidce. I am.ai.ing to start cycling when my tires don’t Burst. :joy: I am starting with walking and the building up the activities.

Today’s blog

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Haha, good plan, not the best time of year to start cycling.

The MyFitnessPal app is good for tracking your calories from food and what you burn during exercise.

thanks for the heads up on the app… I am having issues with taste i need some savoury

Yep, me too. It does get boring. Trouble is when I’m cycling I need a lot of calories, more calories than I really feel like consuming in Huel.

When I’m trying to knock a bit of weight off I plan the next day in advance using that app. The 40/30/30 split of Huel is a good rule of thumb I think and it’s not too hard to do that with normal food if you’re tracking / planning. Use Huel when it’s convenient.

I enjoyed your blog - a good idea for self-motivation and to look back on yourself perhaps, and is always interesting to hear about others’ experiences.

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Thank you for your support. I have found it useful even in the last few days. Especially yesterday when I was struggling with the Huel. New blog is up :grinning:

This could be a mirror of my life!

Came to investigate Huel for similar reasons, (also trying to get my food budget under control) and stumbled across this post having a look at the community side of things. I have been hugely impressed with the support everyone has and it’s certainly galvanised me into action.

I look forward to your continued progress and hope mine will be as successful.

Always good to have support its half the battle. Today I hated my morning huel used mango disaster tasted like a washing up bowl … but I carried on had an apple and ordinary chocolate mix at lunch time with a bit more water so it went to down nice and easy.

struggling just to eat huel every day gotta be honest in a very similar position to the opening poster.

Its hard. but i have been playing with consistency at that makes a difference.
nesquik can help and adding fruit or other things as well. I am hoping to have a feature on my blog soon about different way to make it. thinking of trying a green tea mix and a few other bits. i ahve read some people like to put coffee in the morning one.