My new Wright loss journey

Well that’s it I can’t be this weight any more, both knees and ankles hurt. My first huel meals are on order and arrive tomorrow. I’m not even going to have the final blow out meal. Wish me luck here goes.


Good luck! I started on Friday last week, 2 Huels per day and a decent meal. So far so good.

Not going to concentrate on actual weight loss…Just what I can see, so interesting how long it will take for me to see the results. But I do feel great.

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Well I’m two weeks in and I’ve lost 7lbs using Huel and 1st 4lbs over all. I’m on two shakes a day. One made with coffee and the other with 125g of blueberries. I’m trying to stick too 2500 kcals a day depending on my shifts Its easy to do.

Oh well here’s to the next to weeks and a strong mental mind!


Nice work! Keep it up.

Are you doing any exercise? Try some circuits (push ups, jumping jacks, burpees etc…) You will only need to do short 10-30 min sessions 1-2 times a week and you will see a massive weight loss!

Good luck.

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I am using Huel for weight loss, and better nutrition. Am on day 4, 2 shakes a day. No real weight loss yet, but feeling really good.
I find I am full most of the day, and also, and I hope this isn;t my imagination, but my sugar cravings seem to have calmed right down.
I have a ridiculously sweet tooth, which has always been my downfall. Here’s hoping this is the answer!

Good luck all.
Will be good to help each other along the way!



Congrats on losing 7lbs. Keep at it mate!

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