My order tastes different from the sample (bad)

My partner had a sample of vanilla huel around the end of Nov. I decided to buy my own in January as I’ve started a new job where it would be more convenient, new year’s resolutions etc but the batch I have has an unbearable chemical aftertaste and remains lumpy at the bottom.
I feel this has been misold as the taste and texture are so different from the sample. If the formula has been changed, huel should tell customers before completing their next order.

Your latest batch was presumably Huel 2.1.

Huel 2.1 was only introduced in November. Are you sure the test batch you got wasn’t from Huel 2.0, since 2.1 wasn’t even available in early November?

You can avoid the lumpiness in the bottom by using a blender or by more carefully mixing it in the supplied shaker. Someone on here recommended half filling the shaker with water, then aggressively mixing it, then topping up with more water and reshaking it. Since doing this, I’ve found that the lumps in the bottom have gone away.

I should have specified, I bought my own huel in January after tasting the November sample. I know how to shake a bottle. I have also tried blending it but it still makes a lumpy sediment at the bottom.

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Which would likely explain the two batches being quite different, since one was probably from version 2.0 and the other from version 2.1.