My progress since June

I have been meaning to take better care of my health for some time. I finally got my act together in June of this year and started two concrete steps:

  1. I replaced my breakfast with Huel (Black), and became more mindful of my diet in general
  2. I started strength training (for the very first time)

I’m noticeably stronger now and my body is visually changing. I have a bit more confidence and my relationship to movement is different. I’ve been really proud of myself of keeping up at it and thought I’d share one chart. It starts with a baseline followed by consistent progress in the last months.

Thank you (both the makers of the product and communities like this) for assisting with the journey.


Good job! Keep it going and stay healthy :slight_smile:

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That’s brilliant! Well done you :+1:

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This is awesome! Well done for making such great progress and feeling better in your own skin. It’s been great having you on the forum and I really enjoy having you in the community. I’m sure others feel the same!

Keep it up!

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