My Year on Huel


Is that RTD? You’ve saved about twice as much time as I have on 25% fewer meals. Or am I just slow?

Happy New Year!

H&S and powder. Only get RTD if I’m out @ about and see them in a shop.

That’s odd. I’ve been on powder only, so less prep time than you with your powder/H&S.

I had 2,106 meals, but only saved 2,021 minutes on food prep.
You had 1,567 meals and saved 5,439 mins. ???

Also your 1,567 meals saved you 47,589g sugar.
My 2,106 meals only saved me 24,197g.

Is it possible these numbers are screwy?

Definitely screwy.

If DM had 1,567 Huel meals providing a total of 22,471.4g protein then each Huel meal provided average 14.34g protein.

My own numbers don’t make any sense either. 2,106 meals would put me on nearly 6 shakes a day. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

A running total feature on subscribers’ accounts seems very unlikely.