New to Huel 2018

Hi everyone,

My name is Michael and I have just ordered my first subscription of Huel, which should be delivered tomorrow.

I am looking to lose a bit of weight, and therefore I am going to follow the 2 Huel meals a day and a 1 scoop Huel snack routine for one month. I will also have a normal evening meal and a snack. I am Vegan, and having to only prepare one (normal) meal sounds pretty good to me :slight_smile:

I have tried several meal plans, but I have found my main problem is lack of time to properly commit fully and make 3 square meals a day, whilst at the same time trying to enjoy other things in life! Hopefully Huel can make sure I stay healthy, whilst also saving me time.

Looking forward to taking part in the community.



Similar to me. I have one meal a day (vegan) and two huel meals. I am finding it very easy this way and am already seeing and feeling a difference. :smiley: Life is much easier without having to cook several meals a day!

Best of luck.

It certainly should. Two thirds of your calories will be super easy to keep an eye on, so the evening meal is all you’ll really need to manage.

Hope you get the results you’re after, forum’s here if you need help :slight_smile:

Thanks, guys! :smiley:

Yo! Hope it works for you. I’m not aiming for weight loss but since Huel makes up a lot more volume per “meal” (3 scoop anyway) than most weight loss protein and diet shakes I’ve tried in the past, I can see it being used successfully for that end. I find it a lot more satisfying as a real meal simply because there’s tonnes of the stuff so your stomach doesn’t feel short changed with a 250ml slim fast or whatever. Good luck, keep us posted. :slight_smile:

This has been the biggest win for me. Not having to prepare so much food.
I always used to skip breakfast, found myself eating my lunch mid morning, so hungry by actual lunchtime.
The fact I have Huel for breakfast and lunch and a regular, healthy meal in the evening has made things a world easier.

Look forward to how you get on @MichaelMJG91