Negative Side Effects

I was really looking forward to my Huel journey, but my first consumption made me unusually Ill. I’ve barely been sick in my life, but I had 2 scoops of vanilla flavour with Milk and had stomach cramps for 2 days followed by a small bout of diarrhoea.

Was it maybe a shock to my system all those ingredients???

Try it with water instead? Loads of milk in one go would probably give most people a bad stomach, especially if you’ve got any intolerances

Ok, I’ll give it another go tomorrow.


I’m on day 3 and having about 4 scoops at a time with water and aside from a little wind and dry mouth I’ve been fine. They recommend you drink plenty of water through the day as well to stop you feeling dehydrated and ill.

Definitely try it with water instead of milk, then report back :slight_smile:

I had that too on the first day I tried Huel, but that was because I drank it too quickly, the second day I drank it slowly and had no problems, there is a lot of fibre in it, your stomach just needs a some time to adjust, it will be fine :+1:
I use almond milk and frozen mixed berries, makes a lovely drink.


I found the first few days were a little iffy for me. My gut wasn’t used to the fibre!

Had the Huel guff’s and a little bit of an upset tummy and bowl. But it passed and all is well. My gut is particularly sensitive to changes though, my IBS is to thank for that.

Thanks guys, almond milk seems to be working for me.


If you’re consuming Huel with positive intentions in mind for the planet’s health, please please please research Almond Milk thoroughly before using it over water.