New bottle and scoops = powdery mess

Trying to fit the white scoop inside the new bottles doesn’t work for me, I always spill a little (not too much) powder on the counter.
any tips so I can save those few crumbs of Huel and also save me wiping down the counter each time?


snort it thru a straw

Sorry to hear that. I’ve always found Huel to be a bit static and it can bounce out of the scoop. One thing which I’ve seen people do, although not tried it yet myself, is to use the upper black half as a funnel.

So take the black section (make sure it’s dry), lid off, turn it upside down and place it into the white section, so the spout cap is in the shaker. Scoop into the black section and then tap it through the spout cap like a funnel.

Saw it on ‘Hueligans’ facebook group I think first, someone was using the old shaker though. It blew my mind!

Alternatively, get your scales out and weigh your Huel, that way you don’t have to use a scoop. 100g = 400kcal for v3.0, 90g = 400kcal for Black Edition.

Hope that helps! Any other tips folks then share them below!


What a great idea! I sometimes use a jam funnel but this would work just as well.

Hmm, that sounds like it could work. I’ll give it a shot the next time I make my Huel :slight_smile:
I do have some decent sized funnels, maybe that’s another way although the good thing about using the lid is you’re going to wash it up anyway

I have done this, works well I must say! So long as your liquid isn’t high. Also stops the splash

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Funnelly (sic) enough I’ve not thought of that either.


I just came here to say a Jam Funnel but using the black bit is genius :nerd_face:

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I need to find out where I saw this first. The person needs to be credited.


They do. It took a great deal of something to come up with this, greatly appreciated.