New Cinnamon: sweet or subtle?

I am interested to know what UK customers make of the new cinnamon Black. Given the price I am not just going to launch in without a little research!
It seems that the flavour suggestion was more to satisfy the US market, who might have more of a sweet tooth? Happy to be corrected.
So far I have seen people here and on FB say it’s too sweet, it’s not overly sweet and it’s quite a subtle flavour. Any advance on these opinions?

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it’s not overly sweet - certainly not as sweet as something like Original for example. I found the flavour intensity to be comparable to the strength of using a double dose of flavour boost.

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I personally think it’s a happy medium! But everyone’s taste buds are completely different so would be interesting to hear how others here find it. I’m a huge fan of the buttery notes that add to making it Cinnamon Swirl rather than just a standard cinnamon flavour.

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yeah - its not sharp like it would be with just cinnamon - definitely smoother and not at all bitter.


How does it compare to the RTD? I’m curious to try it. I’ve been living on tomato and herb and chick’n & mushroom for a while and was thinking about mixing it up a bit when the warmer weather arrives.

The RTD is a more intense and creamier flavour. So - the same but different. I have found this with all the powder versions I have tried versus the equivalent RTDs. I think the only exception was Strawberries & Cream. The powder while not having as strong a flavour tasted more like I expected and the RTD tasted like a stronger Berry version. The RTD manufacturing and ingredients process certainly boost the the flavour intensity in all of them I think.

Unlike the other powders though, this one the flavour doesn’t seem to fade if its left a while/overnight in the fridge. I suspect this is because cinnamon isn’t soluble so while the other ingredients in the Huel are either fully or partially absorbed in the liquid - the cinnamon stays in its original state.

I noticed this when I made overnight oats adding some BE Cinnamon Swirl. When you mix it altogether you dont see it but by the morning, you can clearly see what appears to be cinnamon powder in the oats.

My first Black Edition Cinnamon Swirl arrived this morning so had some for breakfast.
Very mild flavour, not particularly sweet.

Did you enjoy it this way, or would you have preferred a sweeter version?

I suppose as is but a stronger flavour would be my preference

thanks for the feedback @leejonesjnr we try to hit the right balance of flavour so it’s appealing to a wider audience but also understand with that comes people wanting a stronger or weaker flavour to the powders.