New gummy product suggestion

I’ve been consuming supplements for a few months now, in the form of gummy bears. Swallowing pills is hard to remember, since it’s not a very pleasant experience. Remembering to eat gummy bears is trivial and I never forget, because they obviously taste awesome! I consume omega 3’s, Vitamin D and magnesium this way. I imagine women would appreciate some with iron in them, since they’re often needing to consume iron tablets.

Perhaps this would be something suitable as a new Huel product? It’s hard to know which gummy providers have the best products, or if they even have what they say is in the products. Having a trusted company like Huel create them, would be great. Even more so, if all the typically recommended ingredients could be provided in a single gummy bear.

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It’s a very interesting concept!

As in just a multivitamin type thing or Meal? :blush:

Would love to see co-workers’ reaction when I whip out a bowl full of gummy bears as my lunch.


What about if the gummy bears contains 20% of the vitamins and minerals like a Huel shake would. if i have 3 shakes and then garbage for my other meals I could take 2 of them to get the missing 40% of micronutrients.

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Now that I am retired I get a lot of my ‘nutrition’ from Haribo Balla Stixx

Sorry, I didn’t see your response until now. This definitely wouldn’t be a meal. It would be a tiny sugar snack, but packed with your daily vitamins.

They’ve been gaining in popularity in the past 18 months or so, but the existing market is really not that good. It’s such a pain trying to connect all the different vitamins and minerals together to get what you really need. A single one stop gummy that I can just carry with me and chomp down whenever I feel like it, would be quite nice. You’d have me as a customer for sure.

Perhaps you could have womens and mens, since your main products don’t cater for different sexes. Women for example, normally want more iron, and men normally want a bunch of creatine. I eat two creatine gummies myself every day for example (1 g creatine in each of them). I’m sure there are other sex specific things which could be added to them too. But a general vitamin and mineral blend to replace nasty pills that many people chug back every day would be great.

I also imagine they’re easy to get produced. You’d just need to find an existing gummy manufacturer who can add some extra stuff into the mix. I guess they’d also need to be vegan (I’m not sure if gummies are typically vegan or not).

The gummy part of them wouldn’t be healthy per se, but I think most of us don’t care about a tiny bit of sugar in return for not having to swallow nasty capsules every day.

I think a lot of vitamin gummies are vegan. I have actually tried some from a company called Feel. They were pretty good and sugar free.They do a whole range of vitamins. But they have stopped making the gummies now. Not sure why.

I wouldn’t want sugar free, as they’d have quite a strong laxative effect.