New Hueler

Hey Huelers,

I’m new here so thought I’d say hi,

I’m Matt, Brighton.
Not a vegan but went through a bit of a mad phase stopped eating and lost 3kg over Xmas…

So I thought I would do something about it.

I’ve been watching Huel for some time and thought I’d give it a shot.

I tend to go hard or go home so I went all out after 2 weeks of my mates trial and have pretty much gone full time.

Not had any major issues. The bowels took a short while to adapt.

The only weird side affect was peeling skin on my finger tips. Soz not soz for the photos!


I do occasionally crave savoury food (coffee flavour doesn’t do it for me) so I may have to check your recipies section for ideas.

Anyways that’s briefly my story.

Take care all. image

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Shaking too hard…ask @coup for advice…


Shaking too hard?

That’s what might be causing the skin?
Or that helps with the savoury?

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It would cause the skin issue first…and saltiness second.

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Ahhh thanks. I thought it was. It’s not much of an issue I guess it’s my skin just sorting itself out and regenerating a bit at the place where it’s used the most.

Saltiness is an interesting one. I never add salt to anything. I’m definitely going to pull a few recipies from here to try.

He’s being a moron, sorry Matt. I also have been experiencing this since upping my Huel intake this year! Weird! It could just be the weather or some other coincidence… would be really interested to get a dermatologist’s take on it

Just those three finger/thumb tips?

I googled it and came across a few articles on it, I won’t copy and paste it all as it’s huge but here is a link,

But this bit may or not be relevant to you,

" Niacin deficiency or vitamin A toxicity

Getting too little or too much of certain vitamins may cause your skin to peel.

Pellagra is a condition that results from a lack of vitamin B-3 (niacin) in the diet. It can lead to dermatitis, as well as diarrhea and even dementia.

Although pellagra typically results from a poor diet, it may also be caused by other underlying conditions. Niacin supplementation is the only way to restore your level of vitamin B-3. Talk to your doctor about whether supplements are safe for you and what dosage to take.

If you’re getting too much vitamin A, it can cause irritated skin and cracked fingernails. "


Yea on both hands. I’ve never had it before so I can really put it only down to Huel. It’s mostly cleared up now. I expected a few body changes so I wasn’t too surprised.

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Ha yea it would. I’m not gonna get it checked mind you! I’m not too fussed.

They aren’t raw or painful it’s like a shed would be the best way to describe it.

Strange. But minor.

Last time my fingers peeled was after the blisters I got from picking up a hot camping stove with both hands. I won’t do that again!


My fingers peel when I do washing up, so I got myself a dishwasher. Her name is Laura or “Oi you” when she hasn’t hoovered properly with our Dyson Brexit2019 TM.

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Haha. I haven’t cooked Huel in that yet. I probably won’t have that problem so much. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Lol. Fortunately I already have one of those dishwasher machines.

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