Some good things I've noticed

So I’ve been using Huel for about two weeks now and just wanted to list some observations. This is a semi long post so sorry about that, feel free to delete but wanted to share my story as I’m new here.

I started using Huel because I suspected I had severe vitamin deficiencies. I’ve never gotten tested but I been on the standard American diet for pretty much 30 years. I’ve gotten a lot better these last few years but it was an uphill battle because I work in the food business and we also don’t get breaks, my breaks are dictated by customers. I’m still in relatively good health but I think if I was to let it go another year I’d either have diabetes if I’m not already pre diabetic or probably develop some other condition.

Anyways, I had a rash that developed on my arm due to something I’m allergic to (I suspect what it was but won’t go into details to finish this up.) In the food business we deal with a lot of harsh chemicals but I was finding that I wasn’t healing as quickly. It would go away but come back the next day, I was so mad. My hands are constantly not healing because I have to keep putting them in water and really corrosive sanitizer (I now wear dish gloves but for a few years I didn’t even think to) and as a result of these chemicals my skin just doesn’t heal anymore.

So that’s when I found Huel because I was searching for something that I could eat that wasn’t McDonalds AND get nutrition in because even though I deal with chemicals, I should be to the point that I at least heal from my cuts and rash and I wasn’t.

It was kind of a far leap but I was hoping Huel would give me an edge to get better.

Now with about two weeks of using Huel twice a day with a good dinner at night after I’ve exercised (I started exercising when I started Huel,) I’m not only losing weight but most of my rash is nearly gone.

Before, my rash was on the top of both my hands and then it kind of went into the middle of my arm, that entire rash is gone. Now I only have three spots left with one spot fading entirely (as long as I don’t itch it!)

I really have no idea if Huel is the reason as there could be lots of reasons but there’s something deep down where I truly feel like instead of being allergic to something, it was probably vitamin deficiencies. I don’t fool myself into thinking that eating empty nutrition isn’t going to affect me.

Anyways just wanted to post this long thing. Thanks!


Great to hear your story and I’m glad the rash is going away. I’ve felt noticeably better since I started using Huel.

The following sentence made me laugh:

:rofl::rofl::rofl: How did you go from McDonalds to Huel if I may ask?

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I’m really pleased for you @Grimscribe. Huel has been a life(and health)-changer for me too :grinning:


Oh yeah I suppose that sounded kind of random :laughing:

Well I’m in food service so I had distorted eating habits because my breaks are dictated by how busy we are. It’s tough to eat at eight in the morning and then not eat again until 5 pm or something. My cousin mentioned he drinks Soylent from time to time about a few months ago and I remembered that so I looked up vegan meal replacements and found Huel. I thought it was better than going hungry and much less time consuming for work.

Why I decided on Huel rather than Soylent or other meal replacements is because Huel has a pretty legit background from what I was researching and I liked their level of transparency. Other companies I’ve had to actually go the extra mile to research who they were or what forms of vitamins they use and some of their macros and micros were off a bit.

I liked Huel’s make up a little bit more for my needs.


Thanks! I was surprised. When I had first ordered my Huel, the rash had spread to my other arm. Now it’s almost gone away :blush:

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