New Huleigan

So, I’ve just placed my first order for Huel!

I work outside going from customer to customer in my van installing satellite dishes for TV.

Although my job is relatively physical I’ve managed to put some weight on! Probably due to visiting convenience stores for my lunch where I always promise myself I’ll only buy the meal deal. Yet always end up with cream cakes, milkshakes and more! Normally speeding around £10 every working day on lunch.

Huel will replace lunch and be my breakfast as I don’t currently eat breakfast at all in favour of 20 minutes extra in bed!

I’ve chosen Huel because it’s going to be very easy for me to take with me in my van. I always carry plenty of water in the van anyway so the powder isn’t going to be an issue. I’ve tried doing my own sarnies before now and it just doesn’t work out, after a few days I don’t bother and end up going to the shop again.

I’m looking forward to trying Huel, looking forward to seeing how it along with curbing the snacks can help me lose weight, and looking forward to saving loads of money in the process.

I’ll post again with starting body weight and measurements when it arrives and keep you updated as to how I’m getting on.


Hey there, welcome to the team! Hearing the reasons why you’ve chosen to buy Huel is going to ring true for so many people.

This hit hard! On the occasions I’ve had to settle for a meal deal it’s never just been a meal deal.

Really excited to see how you get along. Do have a read around here for top tips etc. I think it’s gonna fit in with your lifestyle really well. Keep up the hard work too.

ah man, when i was a builder it was porkpies and all sorts of densely unhealthy food…

tried my best and went for chicken sandwiches instead… eventually i went vegan december 2018 and earned the body i wanted in a year.

with solgar, time health and now going to try oxford vitality Supplements i feel Great.

totally saving money on food - and spending that money on vitamins and minerals.

i realise how everything is better in life… just simply living my life is specialler because my health is great… dont drink alcohol anymore no gluten either… getting up jn the morning was hugely depressing once upon a time… now i am up at 6 and feeling good.

what worked for me was going fully vegan and gluten free and alcohol free. i also found spirituality again. it goes hand in hand with veganism. (gemstones/ healing crystals etc) misunderstood by the way.

so @TheSkyGuy good luck in your journey.

read up, theres choc full of questions answeredon the forum and on the main.



i just like to add that my veganism is what i consume in and use on my body… thats the way it works. i dont go killing cows but i do buy leather. my understanding is that its All About your intentions for the planet/ nature as a whole… nature is god. find synchronicity with the way of the world and That is it. what its all about for health and luck.

I don’t wanna be the Vegan Police here, but isn’t that like saying “I don’t agree with murder but I do hire a hitman”.

I buy leather too, so I don’t call myself a vegan.


you can get good synthetic leather these days and while I’m totally opposed to murder I can think of many uses for a hitman under the ‘justifiable homicide’ banner. there’s a (long) list :slight_smile:


I agree with your first point, but I don’t think Matt meant synthetic leather. Sorry if you did, @matt009! You can have your Vegan badge back if so.

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leather is good material.

the cow did not die in vain.

i dont delight in the killing of cows.

however killing is all part of nature, in my opinion the original veganism was all about consumption, what goes into your body. when i say i am vegan i mean i dont let animal products INTO my bodys system. for health and world harmony.

funnily enough eating beef and smelling beef on a bbq are two very different particles entering your body. albeit i dont like the smell…

theres a balance to it.

how effective can you be to save the planet?

you must be in a position to do so…


this is the example i use

if i can convince 100 people to recycle yet i do not recycle. i am more impactful for the planet than 1 person who recycles who is also deterring ppl from recycling by them being a complete twat.

Going way off topic (sorry @TheSkyGuy) but it’s interesting. The way I see it, veganism isn’t about what goes into your body, it’s about your impact on the world outside of your body. The cow that produced the leather didn’t have to be killed, and even if it was primarily killed for meat, by buying the leather you are giving money to the cow’s killers.

I even think (though I know a lot of people won’t agree) that a vegan can eat meat. If a vegan found a cow that had been run over by a bus, they could cook and eat the cow, because the cow wasn’t intentionally killed. It would have to be a wild cow, not a cow bred for slaughter that made a break for freedom but had to cross the M1.

But then you’d get dodgy vegans bribing bus drivers to drive dangerously near cows, in the hope of getting a guilt-free burger. Maybe a bus death is still unethical because it’s a human invention. What if the cow was run over by an elephant? Paging @hunzas please advise.

Is this based on your life? Is there some dude at the recycling centre chasing people away with a knife? How did you manage to convince 100 people to do something you don’t do? Did you lie to them? What if they’re lying to you about recycling? What if you only convinced 100 people that lying is fine?

Or are you 100% honest? “Trust me, you should recycle, it’s good for the health of the world. I don’t do it myself I think it’s bobbins, but you should do it for the good of all.” If you did that and still convinced 100 people, you’re one cool customer.


no its an example @David - as i said.

i do recycle. i set an example as well as encourage. read it again and try to understand.

my opinion is veganism is about your intentions for the planet as a whole and your own health.

the way it works is animals love you and work for you if you dont personally kill them or eat them.

collapsing the market of leather is extremely ambitious and would fuck the economy up.

i consider everything. thats the way the world works.

animals know their fate.

before you jump to conclusions and annotate possible meanings; I write exactly what i mean.


It’s just… why use an example that would never happen? What is it an example of, in that case?

That’s the least vegan thing I’ve ever read. :smiley:


its an example that is highly relevant.

its to do with popularity and why it matters the way you do things. and thats all to do with the best (healthiest) way of life. and thats all to do with considering everything before making an incomplete conclusion.

@David remember this is the internet and billions could possibly be reading this.

There is one true definition of veganism and it is thus: it is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.

Leather is from an animal - using it is the exploitation of animals so not vegan.

Is leather a by-product of the beef and dairy industry? Yes, it can be, but not exclusively, and you are never going to find out the source of leather for your shoes or belt. It may not even be from a cow. A lot of leather goods, 4 or 5 billions of ££ worth are imported into the UK every year, and often from countries that have far worse animal welfare standards than we do.

Is veganism always the most environmentally-friendly choice? Not necessarily; you could continue to wear an old pair of leather shoes till they fall apart, or you could give them a respectful burial and buy some made of petrochemicals. Continuing to wear them indicates to others that it is OK to wear leather, in the same way that not recycling isn’t the best way to show others that they should.


I doubt it, this isn’t Pornhub.

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i thought it was pornhub.

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@matt009 and @David can we just keep this one on topic. Plenty of threads to discuss the ins and outs on what it means to be vegan let’s keep this one about @TheSkyGuy and his experience with Huel.


sure thing.