New Poster and First Impressions

Hi Everyone,

First post here, so by way of introductions, Hi, I’m Stu! 4 days in and I can see this journey lasting quite some time!

Finally made the leap with the following aims:

  • Stop spending ~£21/week on lunches
  • Reduce my weekly Deliveroo bill by £30+ (to zero or thereabouts).

I spend a lot of time away from home, and so have limited (read ZERO) kitchen facilities 5 days per week. When I do have access, I value time, so will generally buy in a quick meal that I don’t have to cook. As such, I’m going to be replacing 1-2 meals per day. Delivery was super fast!

First impressions are really good - I’m on the new vanilla flavour. Having used protein shakes before, I expected something slightly sticky in the mouth and tasting a bit wierd and fake…but I’ve been really pleasantly surprised.

It tastes a little bit dusty, but the subtle vanilla flavour is really good - I figured it was best to come to terms with the base flavour first, and thankfully it is great! I’m gradually working my way through the flavour boosts, so I’ll rate those in due course. The toffee was very goid, although I was slightly disappointed in the mint chocolate - it just felt slightly lacking somehow!

I’ve just finished my fourth day, and I’ve no ill effects to report. No gas, no chocolate rain, nothing. I was kinda hoping my body was going to put up a better fight!

Anyway, lets see how the next week goes :slight_smile: