New Purchasing Screen

I just bought some HB and I don’t like the new purchasing screen as they don’t provise any payment info.

You can’t see the price for individual bags before you purchase anything
When you click a bag, it updates the total order, you still don’t now how much you’re paying
The reason why this is an issue is because not all Huel bags cost the same so I had to click on bags to work out the costs.

Also you used to have a very handy discount chart showing you how much discount you get with an amount of bags. This was very handy and I had to spreadsheet this info for myself

Not major issues and I feel there’s less transparency on pricing with the current layout

you can see the individual item prices by clicking on the summary pop up on the bottom left.

Thanks Phil
Strangely enough, today the screen has reverted back to the old one. It was a very different screen that I was sent to yesterday. I still don’t see the handy discount calculator tho

yes I see what you mean - the individual prices do reduce still with quantity in the summary, but if you order all the same flavour then its less obvious.

This new (old) screen is much better than the one I saw yesterday although that screen was much better looking, just not quite as functional