See savings removed?

Did Huel remove the see savings per bag option when selecting how much bags you want from a product? I cannot seem to find it

Looks like so, yeah, just checked on the desktop version of the website and the “see saving” button is not there anymore.

Yes we did remove this. Basically it was just a test on site, so wasn’t guaranteed to be a permanent thing. We’re always testing features on the website (and are going to be more and more) so small changes will appear here and there. Sometimes different users might even see slightly different versions of the website - I’m sure you’re familiar but if not, it’s called AB testing. Some info here if you want to geek out.

In this specific case, we saw that the “SEE SAVINGS” feature didn’t get a lot of usage, and it was actually getting in the way for most users. And now we have different priced pouches (Cinnamon and Cookies), it didn’t work properly. Hope that answers for you!


Hmm, I’m fairly sure it’s been there for years and didn’t look like a test.
I for one found it really useful in working out order quantities. Although I did find it was very erratic when it came to mixing prices as you suggest.
If it can be registered, I’d love to have it back

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Is it possible to have it posted on the forum or would that affect sales as well?

Sorry, what would you like me to share? I will see what I can do.

It is up to Huel whatever works best for the sales and benefits Huel the most should be chosen however if the chart could be shared in the forum maybe that is an alternative if that is not good also then nvm.

Oh you mean a chart which shows the savings you get the more pouches you purchase? I’m sure I can get that for you. Any particular product?

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Huel Black Edition. Love the extra protein and the black pouch. If you have the chart for Cookies and Cream that would sweet if not the regular one would do the job just as fine

Sure thing, here is Black Edition Cookies & Cream on subscription.

But you can still get this information on site, it’s total price and price per meal, then you could get price per bag by dividing total price by number of bags, and then the savings are displayed in the crossed-out pricing.

Hope that helps