New to Huel- any guidance?!

Hey guys, I got a sample batch of 100g vanilla and would like to have some for lunch! How much would you recommend I put in for lunch and how much water with that? Also will the taste be okay on its own or do you recommend I add something else in with it?

500ml water for 100g.

The problem is the first one you try (in my opinion and others may not agree) doesn’t give the best experience taste wise. I find it tastes better after being in the fridge for a few hours.

Maybe make it up…and if you don’t like the taste put it in the fridge for a while, then test it again.

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Personally i prefer ~400ml water for 3 scoops which is just over 100mg. 500ml and it ends up too watery for my liking.

Hey guys, went for 400ml water with the whole 100g bag, it was a good consistency! I put some in a bottle to have in a couple of hours and had a cupful, it tasted pretty nice on its own to be honest! I’ll probably buy more and look forward to trying it with different things in it

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Agreed. Just like chili is better 24 hours after cooking, Huel benefits by soaking overnight.