New to huel - any tips to mask the sour taste?

Hello, I recently decided to try Huel but I’m struggling a bit with the taste (I opted for unflavoured.) I’m used to protein shakes so I though Huel would be fine, and I did try some a couple of years ago and the taste was nice (like a very plain digestive haha, but i love oaty flavours/ textures!) The problem I have with this is how sour it seems to be, almost like out of date milk! I’m playing with both the huel flavour sachets and natural flavours but it’s very hard to mask. I was wondering if anyone knows if this maybe sounds like a bad batch, or if this newer version (v3) is just sour, and if so do you have any tips to mask it without adding too many extra calories? Thanks, Rebecca :slight_smile:

Mmm my recommendation is to add a pinch of salt, cocoa or some salty flavours like curry or paprika, tweak it as you like.

Going UU first time can be quite harsh, my recommendation is to use other Huel flavours (not the Flavour boost) as flavour boost. A proportion 90:10 of UU and Huel chocolate is veeery chocolaty for me I highly recommend you to try it.

youve got to try the flavours

chocolate is verrrry flavoursome