New to Huel trying a 100% Huel Diet for 14 days

Hey everyone,

I’ve just received my first order of Huel I’m going to be trying a 14-day diet 100% Huel diet, if It goes well I’ll push it up to 3 months, wish me luck! I’ve been on cutting diets before and manage to reach my goals so I thought I’d give Huel a try, I train dancing pretty much every day and run 40 mins on the running machine so I’m interested to see how it effects my health as I eat bad normally a lot of junk food, pizzas, fries etc.

It’s nice to see an active community on here.


Hey RichardChaos,
Are you planning to dive straight into Huel?? Please keep us all posted on how it goes. I’m not brave enough to go 100% Huel but love hearing about it.

Yeah I’m diving straight in, I feel pretty good and level energy levels compaired to junk food which have spikes, I haven’t felt hungry at all even though I’m only eatting 1200 calories to cut down weight ready for competition, I’ll keep this up to date once a week.


Where is the update?

Judging by the date he could have been a victim of a batch that was a tad on the thick side. Most should have recovered, but the 100%ers… They say it may have solidified over twenty four hours. How the funeral operatives coped? I cannot imagine.

OMG I HOPE HIS FAMILY IS OK. Was it V2.2?!? I heard they contain bath salts

I’m sure his Huel was wholesome. Directions are there for a reason. Anyone who jumps into 100% Huel & reads this forum must know the digestive risks. Some people just like to live life on the edge I guess :wink: