New to this & advice welcome!

Hi, I could do with some help / advice as I’ve just recieved my first order today.

A bit about me (in the hope I get the best advice!) I’ve seen huel advertised read into it and think it might be for me. I’m 32years old, 6ft, 18.6st, work as a business development manager based on the road, play rugby at a good standard but struggling to train and take it as seriously as I’ve done in the past, same with the gym once upon a time I’d be there everyday now its infrequent (but trying to get back into the routine). My diet over the last few years has been awful, too much fast food, meals out, alcohol etc.
My idea is to start using huel just at lunch time (instead of the large McNugget meal and 2 double cheeseburgers!) start the day with a decent breakfast porridge or eggs/beans, snack on a piece of fruit or a ryvita with a laughing cow if required during the day and my evening meal something like meat, veg etc.

How many grams of huel should I be consuming for my lunch? ideally I’d like to lose about 2st of fat! I will be being fairly active everyday gym or rugby plus walking the dog twice daily

Hey Rich,

Welcome to the forum and the Huel family!

How much Huel you need for lunch depends on how many calories you need/how much food you are consuming otherwise. Going off the information you provided and this calorie counter:

You need 2480 calories to lose a pound of fat per week. That means if you had three meals at 666 calories, with 666 calories of Huel for lunch, that gives you 480 calories to eat otherwise for snacks/extra food at meals.