New user - Powdery/Chalky taste (Vainilla Huel)

Hi all,

after a month considering join Huel, I finally did it. A couple of days ago I received my Vainilla Huel box, that night I tried my first Vainilla Huel (550ml of water + 3 cups (115gr)) using the shaker, when I tried it it tasted very very powdery but finished it (I thought it was because I didn’t shake it hardly enough). So as I read on one of Huel´s forum post, I prepared a couple of bottles for the next day (550ml + 2 cups (82gr), this time I reduced the amount of Huel to see if that taste disappeared, I´ve also used a blender and added a banana in each bottle. I put the bottles on the fridge around 8 hours, so today morning, I drank it (I´ve shaken it again) and it tasted a little bit less powdery/chalky but still far away from a good taste. The taste wasn´t like other people says: ‘amazing vainilla taste’. I don´t know what else to do. I really wan´t to be a Huel user but the most important thing for me fails: the taste.

Here is a little bit of information about my Vainilla Huel packages: v1.2 / Serial 2118 / Expires 01-17.

I don´t know if anyone else has had the same problem with a product with the same serial number.

If you can give me a hand with this, I´ll be really grateful.

PS: My apologies if I´ve done any writing mistakes.

You could try using skimmed milk as I do. I find that the milk takes away a lot of the after taste and makes it a lot like a smoothy type of milk shake which I find perfect. It adds more protein and carbs to the nutritional profile as I add 400ml but if you take that into account it may be the way forward for you. Good luck.

I tried my first huel in the shaker with 100g of powder and I couldn’t finish it, so you did better than me! I found too many lumps and didn’t taste great IMO.

I’m on my third day now though and mix bigger batches in a blender which takes away the lumps and means it’s alot better mixed. I’ve also taken to trying out different flavours, I find cocoa powder makes it taste nice, I also like banana. I think the key is trying different things and seeing what works for you.

If the taste is to much powdery, try with same amount of powder and less water.

I put in some pea protein isolate, some milk (as has been suggested), and some Myprotein choc flavour drops. It was excellent - it totally got rid of that chalky/cardboardiness. The milk def doesn’t do it alone, and Huel already has some pea protein in, but I suspect the extra might have mitigated things a bit. And the choc drops definitely helped too.