New User Review / Exp


After spending weeks reading through the forums, reading press articles & random info on the net I decided to order some Huel to go alongside my Feb gym/health kick.

I found a lot of peoples experiences/thoughts/feedback helpful and thought I would add mine and possibly help other people.

Some base stats. I am 6’ 3" tall and weighed 17st 12lb Feb 1st. End off play yesterday I was 17st 3lb.

I am currently working 11 hour shifts (13 on 1 off). I went to the gym almost everyday and limited my calorie intake to around 1700/1800. I did however have a number off “normal” days with my girlfriend and son where I would eat pizza, burgers etc where I would have went way over.

Bullet Point Takeaways
1- I don’t like feeling hungry. I did not have this problem with the Huel after lunch (which is when I used it. 3 scoops) or throughout most of the day as I do spread out my food so I can graze.
2- I actually like it. taste, texture etc. I only had vanilla, I will get flavour with my next order.
3- It is SO convenient considering how much I’m working at the minute. Lunch or any meal can be prepped in literally 1 minute.
4- Makes having a “balanced” diet with vitamins etc a whole lot easier.

I would recommend anyone give this a try if they are going to try to lose weight by calorie counting. I have no doubt it would work excluding my probably, unrealistic amount of time in the gym that month.

All the best and if anyone has any questions or feedback feel free to reach out.