Newbie Huel journey

Hi all! Just a friendly neighborhood American making an appearance!
I have been heavy my entire life and reached a point two months ago where I realized I am nearly thirty and feel about seventy all the time.

I cannot cook worth much of anything so I basically have one of two items for breakfast and a (hopefully) healthier choice at lunch. As I work for a quick service restaurant, I have little time to eat and I am on my feet for eight to twelve hours a day.
I come home dead tired and usually get take out and spoil all day’s good choices. Then I discovered Huel. I am eagerly looking forward to getting my first shipment and begin replacing dinner. That is the hardest meal for me to eat correctly.
As of this moment I am a 5’11" 240 pound woman. I would very much like to be a 190 pound woman.

Anyway, nice to meet you all and I look forward to sharing my journey with you!


Good luck! Today is my first proper day of two Huel’s per day. I can’t wait!

Good luck from me too! I found that Huel makes losing weight easy if you stick with it, and I find it easy to stick with it as it is so satisfying. I could easily eat Huel 100%.