Newbie - Nothing ventured

So, after too many years of working away from home (only make it back to the family for the weekends) & eating too much of all the wrong sorts of food while I’m away, I need to get back to the weight & level of fitness I used to enjoy when I played sports on a regular basis 20 years ago.

I’ve got quite a mountain to climb (need to drop about 30kg eventually) & have tried diets in the past, but having the willpower of a hamster means that I’ve tended to do really well for a couple of weeks before falling off the wagon (& into a pizza…).

With a daily target of 1800 calories, I’m planning on doing 2 x 3-scoop Huel meals a day, with a regular meal in the evening as something to get my teeth into. I’ve eased myself into it over the weekend, replacing one meal each day, so will up that rate from tomorrow & then see how the scale looks this time next week.


Good luck
Hope everything goes well…
Keep up with the plan through thick and thin and you will reap rewards

Slowly but surely !!

You can do it!!! Keep us updated!

Good luck! I also need to lose weight and find stopping snacking the hardest part. I find Huel is satiating, so any urge to nibble is psychological… however, I have a fair few habits to kick. Let us know how you get on and if you’ve any tips!

Remember you can fit a pizza (not Domino’s etc, that’s not pizza…) into your calories reasonably easily when the cravings get bad. 500 cal Huel breakfast, skip lunch, then chow down on perhaps 1000 cals of pizza for dinner. It’ll keep you sane, perhaps once a fortnight.

2 Week update.

Week 1 saw me peeing like a horse as I was making a point of getting through a couple of litres of water a day on top of the 2 Huels. Evening meals were wolfed down but, on the whole, I didn’t feel I was depriving myself particularly. Got on the scales to be greeted by a 2kg loss!!!

By week 2, I’d got into the habit of making the meals up the night before & chilling them overnight, adding a banana or blueberries for an occaisional change. I’ve backed off on the plain water intake, but still get through at least a litre of squash, plus 4-5 cups of peppermint tea a day so I’m still well hydrated. Rewarded with a 1.1kg loss when I weighed myself at the end of the week.

Interestingly, because I can now ‘eat’ when I want to at work, not when the canteen is open, I’m having breakfast & lunch when I start to get hungry (usually about 11:00am & 4:00pm respectively), which means that I don’t feel like my non-Huel meal until about 8-9:00pm, so don’t snack so much in the evenings either (my particular downfall).

It’s my birthday this week, so let’s see how we go after a couple of meals out & drinks etc…

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12 Week update - So, been a bit quiet for the past 10 weeks, but not for lack of Huelling (is that a real word?).

I’m happy to say that my weekly weigh-in chart has a fairly steady downward trend & I’ve dropped 13kg in 12 weeks!

I’m still trying to do 2 Huels a day (with a meal in the evening) but haven’t gone OTT on days where that’s not been practical. Myfitnesspal has been really useful for keeping me on track in the evenings during the week (wifey does that job at the weekends) & it’s now helping me to gradually lower my daily calorie intake to compensate for not dragging my original weight around.

Still a long way to go, but I’ve got monthly targets that I’m working towards which make it all just a little bit more do-able.

Ive just started, on day 5 now. My problem is evenings as well, I just want to eat constantly! So I might try having my Huel’s a bit latter see if that helps, good tip!