Night Worker wanting to loose weight

Hi all.

I have just ordered my Huel and will start using very soon.

As the title suggests I work nights and I am asking and forum users who also work nights for any advise on using Huel.

I work in a warehouse and it a physical job and need to know what would be the best way to use Huel for weight loss but also keep up my energy.

Thanks for any replys


Hey Alex,
I too work nights and have been using (mostly) huel to shed a few lbs.

  • Between 2-4pm I normally have a 100g shake as soon as I wake up with 500ml water and a chunk of frozen banana & strawberry.
  • I have a coffee and/or cocoa one with another 100g at around 6-7 before I leave.
  • 100g at around 11ish on my first break.
  • Then finally for my main dinner at around 3am I normally have a sensible meal. (I can’t go totally 100% huel for my sanity)

I aim for less than 2000cals a day. It’s been working out quite well although it is slow progress.

Thanks for the reply

Welcome to the forum and thanks for choosing to use Huel! When I worked shifts, Huel would have been a godsend for me so I really hope you reach your goals whilst using Huel.

Huel can be used as part of fat loss diet, Huel gives you the means to monitor your calorie intake very precisely. Basically you lose fat when you consume less calories than your body uses.

To lose 1lb of fat per week you need to consume 500 calories less than you use per day. Huel can help because it’s low in sugar so you won’t get sugar cravings 20 mins after eating it, it’s high in protein which is satiating, and it’s very easy to know exactly how many calories you are consuming.

This is a useful guide on fat loss -

Good luck and all the best with this.

Hi Alex - another shift worker here! Just had my first ever 500ml of Huel - was a bit nervous about how it would be but blended it with cold water after looking at advice on the forums & it was actually quite nice! Very filling and just got in from a run so was perfect.
I really struggle with eating on nights - I don’t really feel like eating a big meal before I go even though I’m hungry when I get up & eating food at 3am is the same - hard going!
So looking forward to taking my Huel to work.
I am looking to shift a stone of fat I have gained during a sedentary 2 years - am back exercising and as a vegan am really happy to have found a valid way to watch my calorie intake whilst preserving nutrition on night shifts or when I want to replace a meal.
I haven’t committed myself to a particular Huel regime yet as I wanted to ease myself in & see how it goes but glad it tastes fine & is portable!
Also the fact that it’s really easy to measure & make means you can be flexible with how much you want to take in calorie wise. Good luck!!

Thanks for reply,

Hope you get to your goal


Above all take it at regular intervals. I work very varied shifts both in terms of length, intensity and time of day. From whenever I wake up to whenever I go to sleep, no matter how many hours that may be, I drink one bottle every 3-4 hours.

Ease into it at first with maybe one bottle a day until you get used to the… eh, various effects, and then feel your way into how it works for you longterm.

I’ve personally come to LOVE the fact that it works at all hours. Day and night, no trouble. Before, eating at night always came at a certain price. Hrm…

Feel out the first couple of bottles. Take a whole shake and just try to feel where the hunger is for the next three or four hours. There’s nothing :slight_smile:

The energy will come from the regular intake above all. The moment you lapse and go 5-6 hours without, there will be hunger.

You will not be disappointed :slight_smile:

I work nights and days and have 2 Huel a day (100g). If i’m on nights I have one for breakfast, normal tea and one at supper time. You may find you need more for supper if your physical through the night or breakfast one earlier as you won’t need much when you are in bed but personally I don’t like eating much on nights (shift worker for 16 years) and have kept a healthy weight.

Hi Alex-how’s it going?
I’m finding Huel great pre work out as well-I find it hard eating a standard breakfast before exercise-Huel was great before a spin class and Pilates this morning-didn’t get around to getting something to eat again for 5 hours after breakfast and pushed myself hard in classes-felt great! I hate that ravenous feeling when I’ve had a hard class but blood sugars felt really stable & I’ve lost weight this week-woohoo!!!

Thanks for the reply. Well done on the weight loss