Nitrates in Huel


I was wondering if anyone could tell me if Nitrates are in any of the ingredients in Huel? The best source from my understanding is Beetroot with many benefits to endurance capacity. Obviously beetroot isn’t in Huel and it’s not listed in any of the ingredients so I’m guessing no would be good to get clarification.

Huel with Beetroot juice maybe? :wink:

I’d assume not enough to have any effect like the one in studies. I wouldn’t mix beetroot juice with Huel, the juice is an acquired taste and I enjoy Huel, so why spoil it? I’d find a suggested pre-race protocol and try that, as a drink by itself, for a limited number of days up to the event where you want to peak. But you never do anything in the big race you haven’t tested so you need a test run before hand.

Thanks for that. I have used Beetroot juice before so I’m aware of the taste. Never tried it with Huel before so may give it a go and see. Morning of a race only may be the best idea!

Afaik, there’s not that much point drinking beet juice generally for it’s nitrate properties, unless you’re actually about to do a race/hard effort within 90 minutes. Again, as far as I understand - the body doesn’t really store it. Furthermore, while beetroot is a good natural source, it requires a lot to actually get a decent amount of nitrate. You might have more luck supplementing directly with citrulline malate.

That’s interesting, thanks Charles.

It would be great if @JamesCollier could give his opinion. Firstly, if there are any Nitrates in Huel and secondly if, as Charles suggests, they’re not stored so it’s pretty pointless unless taken immediately before. The science is pretty strong on the performance benefits though for endurance athletes I think.

Thanks for your help all!

None of the ingredients in Huel contain nitrites.

Thanks for the clarification, James. I’ve been having my morning Huel with Beetroot juice instead of water and it’s not to bad at all so I’ll stick to that :slight_smile: