No Reply From Customer Service

I have been trying to get in touch with customer service for several days and have not received any kind of response. I wasn’t sure if anyone else knew a way to get in touch with them. I’ve emailed them multiple times and have not gotten a response.

Has anyone else here received the same lack of concern for getting back to their client base in a timely manner?

Seems strange that a company that is charging my credit card every month indefinitely can’t return an email…

Unusual, they normally respond quickly. What email address are you using?

@ZoeOfficialHuel @TimOfficeHuel

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I used the same email address I have associated with my login and account for my subscription, which is the same for my account on this forum. I also replied to a recent order confirmation and received a “Hi there, Thank you for contacting us…” auto-reply but nothing since. I also tried emailing them directly on their website and had the same experience. I even messaged them on Facebook.

Hey Nick, obviously huge apologies for the lack of contact. Since you are a US customer, we have contacted the US customer service team to rectify whatever problem you are having. Thank you for raising it with the UK team though and we will do our best to sort this out.

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Thank you Tim. I do appreciate you getting back to me.

I do hope you’re able to help get this resolved soon. It’s quite remarkable, and a bit disturbing, that a company that I’m paying $2,100 annually is either unwilling or incapable of returning an email in less than four days (at the the time of this message).

If I, and many people on this forum, continue Huel for the next ten years that’s $21,000. That’s quite an investment with a company by any standard. Perhaps, more importantly, we’re trusting you with our health.

We deserve a faster response from your company.

I do hope I hear from someone soon, but as of now, nothing has been been resolved…

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I’ve had problems with customer service, they only answer the emails if you tell them you want to give them money.

They messed up my order in January, sent them proof with images, insisted months later, and nothing.
I want to place another order now, but i try to te remind them about my original problem. They heard money, so they answered the email. I place the order, try to contact them again to confirm and… nothing. The new order was already dispatched, probably without them fixing their original mistake. I sent at least 4-5 emails about this and again, nothing. They don’t care anymore, they got the money they wanted, what’s the point. I’m seriously thinking of returning the order as soon as it arrives. Being ignored twice really leaves a bitter taste and an unwillingness to continue with such a money hungry company

FWIW i had an absolutely faboulous encounter with customer service today. Fast and friendly.


Have you had any luck getting in touch with the US team yet?

I still haven’t heard anything from them.


I’m sorry for the slow response today Catalina. I can confirm that your order was amended to deal with your issues from your previous order before it was shipped, and the customer service team have sent an email confirming this too.

If there’s anything else we can help you with, be sure to let us know and we will help how we can.

@NickG, we have prompted the US team and they will get back to you ASAP. I’ve also sent an email to change what you asked in your email just to ensure this is done. Sorry again for the delay in responded. As Tim mentioned, we have had a huge amount of inquiries recently, so I can only apologise for our slower than we’d like responses.

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I was more upset at the fact that that I was ignored half a year ago and that i saw it wasn’t just a fluke, and that it’s something common with this company. My problem was eventually solved, thank you