No scoop!

Why would you not send a scoop?! Seriously. What do I do now?! #epicfail

Weigh it out.

I’m at work. I don’t have scales. Seriously though, I can borrow a colleague’s scoop but it was just disappointing not to receive what must be about 5 pence worth of plastic.

Scoops are not sent with every order because it is a waste. If it was your first order there is a box to tick which means you’ll get a free t-shirt, shaker, scoop and maybe some other stuff. If it’s just a regular order you have to tick a box saying you would like a scoop with that delivery. The idea is a scoop is delivered with the first order.

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I think you’ll be promoted to scoop monitor soon.

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Well… it’s not my first order but I’m returning to Huel after an 18 month hiatus so my original scoop is long gone. Must have missed the checkbox.

Ordered a £9 set of kitchen scales on Amazon Prime. Problem solved as of tomorrow :slight_smile:


I always use scales; much more reliable method than scoops.


This again? Really?


Sounds like the same set i bought for work use a few weeks back :smiley: