No shipping confirmations?

So on Monday I successfully started a subscription using PayPal on the EU site. Fast forward to half an hour ago, the doorbell rings… Now, I’m one of those people who usually pretends to be dead when the doorbell rings, BUT… it could be Huel.

So I went downstairs in my PJs (yes it was 2pm shut up it’s my day off) and there it was! I’m not sure if something went wrong or if it’s meant to be this way, but I didn’t get a shipping confirmation (or an order confirmation) so I had no idea UPS was coming + no chance to put clothes on change the delivery date/time via UPS MyChoice if I had wanted or needed to

Do you guys get any confirmations for your subscription orders?


Lucky here. DPD usually emails evening of order and also day of delivery with a one-hour slot which can be tracked. DPD are great in my area. Plus Huel confirm when order is shipped.

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Yeah I’m pretty sure I got an email from Huel as well as UPS about my first order.

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Yep me too

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Huel also notify before subscription order is due, then again on shipment.

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Hm. Hopefully I get them next time.


Yeah, I feel I get hourly updates on the status of my shipments! And then a handy photograph of where its been left if i’m not in! Image-1


Might want to get a front door mate


Same here, created a sub on Tuesday evening. No mail from either Huel or UPS, in contrary to the previous 2 single orders.
Yesterday evening I could see the order status in my account as “fulfilled”, clicking on the link brought me to UPS tracking.
Hope confirmation and delivery mails will be there for the next time.
It’s just a convenience, but even so :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Definitely, but also… I’ve delivered mail/packages in the past so I know first-hand how annoying it is when people aren’t home for their deliveries, when there’s options available for them to know exactly when it comes and postpone it in case it’s inconvenient. :wink:

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Yea, heard enough from former (in)direct colleagues of mine from PostNL about such situations.
Pretty bad at times :sweat_smile:

Had my own issues with DPD today not delivering to my pick up shop, hopefully they will drop it off tomorrow. Had an email off them this morning at 9am saying the Huel parcel wasn’t suitable for shop collection for some reason. They said it would be delivered to my home between 14.43 and 15.43 this afternoon. So as no one was home or anywhere to leave it I rearranged delivery for tomorrow, in the hope they can deliver to my pick up shop. No idea what the issue is, I did email Huel about it but not heard anything back yet. It’s the same size order as usual and they can’t blame the shop as the driver hadn’t tried to deliver it there.

Down the pub aint they.

I think they must be still there, still haven’t heard from them. Seems people on here saying they don’t get a reply for days is true and you have to tag Tim here to wake then up

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You contacted them regarding the order/sending of it or the delivery by the courier ?

Delivery by the courier to my local pick up point. Wish Huel would give us an option of another courier in the checkout, I don’t mind if it’s not next day delivery I am happy to wait 2 or 3 days like other internet companies I order from

I’m living in Holland, so it’s UPS for me.
No complaints due to Huel packaging, but boxes from UPS usually come in damaged.
No matter who the sender is, from my experience.

Not having a reply yet, might be because Huel is trying to communicate (and sort things out)
with the courier (DPD in your case, I understand) before answering you.
This way, even though you’ll have to wait a bit, they can give you an actual answer.

Sounds like you need to contact DPD about that, honestly. Huel customer service won’t have any more information than you can see yourself via the T&T.

That’s exactly why they might be trying to contact DPD before answering.
This really is something a receiver has to contact a sender for, as a sender
usually has more to say about the delivery of what they sent.

Maybe they are who knows, be nice to have had an acknowledgement, I’ve just sent an email to DPD myself to query it. They send an acknowledgement email back straight away saying they have received my email. Arranged for my Huel to be dropped off at my Royal mail depot this one time