Not directly related to Huel, but about it arriving at my work adcens

Hi all, I work really long hours in catering, my shifts change at the drop of a hat, and I am never usually at home during a postal time slot. So I’ve opted to have my Huel delivered at work.

It’s been fine for years, but the last 3 times one of my managers has deliberately opened it just to spite me, (it’s freaking awkward to carry the box after the tape has been cut, and half the box is torn open).

I’m frustrated, annoyed, and don’t know what to do anymore, I’m sure opening mail that isn’t addressed to them is illegal in the UK, but it’s being delivered to work so that law might not be valid.

Does anyone have any advice?

Thank you, Amy

Amazon parcel lockers?

Most workplaces don’t allow personal post, parcels or packages to be delivered, as it is admin time for their reception / internal postage staff and if it is a large workplace the space and time it can take up can get a bit ridiculous if every employee has regular deliveries arriving.

The fact they are allowing it, I would say, is a bonus, and personally I wouldn’t complain in case they change the rules and decide personal deliveries are banned

As for opening it… yes they are allowed to… it’s coming to their address and they are signing for it and therefore taking responsibility for it and ultimately do need to make sure they aren’t handling anything they shouldn’t be, and could be liable for.
Usually all post gets opened within one department or by one postal or reception employee (depending on the size of organisation) and then directed to the relevant place internally.

Maybe just bring a roll of parcel tape to work to stick the box back together! Or a bag to put it in to make it easier to carry

You can get Huel delivered to parcel lockers?

@Tim_Huel Is this possible?

I’ve got an impending Huel delivery and I have the option, while it’s in transit, to Collect from Pickup Shop. I’ve never tried clicking it but I assume I can have the parcel redirected to the post office and pick it up when I want.

Has anyone used this? It’s DPD so I don’t feel like testing it in case they send my parcel to Neptune. It could be useful though, Amy.

I have used this occasionally and it is great when I am not at home. Very useful option :+1:

DPD pick up shop

It doesn’t matter where it was addressed to opening mail in someone else’s name without their permission is illegal.
I share a flat with other people so all our mail is addressed to the same place but that doesn’t mean if my flat mate gets a letter from her doctor or bank I’m allowed to just have a look. As for work with security concerns and such they can inspect without taring it open or atleast seal it back up for you.
By the sounds of it it’s not something your wanting to take as a serious legal matter so maybe just say to the person who’s doing it please stop it’s annoying.

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It’s made more complicated because it’s a business. At several of my jobs we’ve opened all incoming mail if the addressee isn’t around at the time, because it might need to be dealt with immediately. The only exception was when letters said CONFIDENTIAL. Legal or not (and it probably is legal at a business) it was essential.

But in this case it sounds like Amy’s manager knows it’s personal mail and is just being a twat.

@Huntress_Amelia if the DPD pickup shop isn’t convenient for you, maybe make your Huel orders under the name CONFIDENTIAL. Or CAUTION, LIVE TARANTULAS.


I always use my local DPD pick up shop it’s so much easier for me, I don’t use the DPD app as I get the option of a pick up shop in the email they send out.

Sure is, but size is regularly an issue. Locker has to be big enough, it’s not advisable to order large boxes to lockers, but it can be done for sure.

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