Not filling - Comparison with other foods

Huel does not fill me up.
Breakfast comparison:
A) 150 cal oatmeal + 150cal banana = 300cal => full till lunch
B) 150cal Huel + 150cal banana => starving by 11am.
There’s something to say about the importance of adequately sized portions and the “pleasure” of actual eating, vs simply taking in nutrients.
My body clearly does not like Huel.

I can totally understand that Huel will not be for everyone!

Different strokes for different folks me babber.

Huel is for the chosen ones


I have never found anything that makes me feel full for more than 2 hours (except vast quantities of double cream, which is not really sustainable). I choose to use huel because I know it’s doing me more good than my previousl grazing on whatever was to hand, and it’s easier than preparing healthy things to have constantly available.

Haha, I’m alright.
Huel was a test for me, and it would’ve been great if it worked, but I’d never want to live on only huel like some people do. I enjoy good food and healthy, normal living (which means eating whole foods) way too much for that.

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Hey! 150 kcal of Huel wouldn’t fill me up much either! I often have two in the morning, which could be as much as 600-700kcal (I’m a bit generous with the scoops), then one later in the afternoon around 2-3pm. Doesn’t take me much over 1000kcal in my office hours, so I can have a good size meal in the evening and still have a deficit. Maybe you just need a bigger brekkie!

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Well it’s not just the huel, there’s 150cal of banana in there as well. I’m a slim girl so 300cal for breakfast is fine for me– which is why I made the comparison with porridge.

Yeah totally get that’s what you’re used to for breakfast :blush: what is your calorie intake like for the rest of the day?