Breakfast meal

I’m new in this Huel world, and I’m wondering what’s the perfect breakfast, in terms of Huel proportions.
I’m not looking for loosing or gaining weight, just a healthy breakfast.
Is 50gr enough ? 100 gr?


My advice it to make up 200g of it, then drink it reasonably slowly until you get to a point where you can’t face drinking anymore. Don’t just down it like it’s water, take a bit of time over it like it was a normal meal, but keep going until your body tells you not to have any more.

Go by what your body tells you rather than arbitrary measurements. Others may disagree, but that’s my advice.

But that’s more than a meal, right? I calculated that a complete Huel meal is around 120gr.

125g of vanilla is 500cal. Marcus has advised making up 800 cal worth so that you can figure out how much is satisfying for you.
If you know specifically how many calories make you feel satiated then I suppose you can try that also.
I personally replace breakfast and lunch with 200 - 250g of huel with fruit and other bits spread over three bottles which I sip at from around 7am to 3pm.
It really comes down to how you prefer to have a serving, wether you just want to gulp or sip.
I find sipping for me works well as im never hungry nor am i too full.
Hope that helps!


@mickkelo I never said you had to drink all 200g. I meant make MORE than you think you need, and keep drinking it until your body says you’re done. Then put the rest in the fridge for later, or just keep it next to you to snack on a bit later.

My experience with going by measurements is that it’s easy to get it wrong. You might think, “Right, I’m going to have 500 cals for this meal because that’s a nice round number and one quarter of my day’s calories…” but you might not need that much in one go, or you might need more, who knows.

@Nimz_Varsani Grazing on Huel is great. You can spread it out. You keep hunger at bay whilst also avoiding that “too full” feeling.

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I find 200ml whole milk, 3 scoops Huel and one scoop whey protein is a perfect breakfast. Keeps me full through to 12pm even though I drink it at 6am every day. Helped me progress in the gym too.

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How much Huel is 3 scoops in grams? I like the idea of milk + Huel + protein for breakfast.

114g. The shake above comes out at 711 calories. Perfect for cutting season ready for summer!

My routine recently as working every day 12 hours.

I usually have a 500-600 cal shake for breakfast (choc flavouring) if I have cycled to work (19 miles - 800 cals burned), a Huel bar with apple & banana and a glass of milk for lunch (to help the bar go down) and a 500-600 cal shake (choc flavouring) for tea. I usually have a snack when I get home around 8.30pm as obviously burned more calories than I have consumed.
If I don’t cycle I don’t have a shake for breakfast but have porridge with some Honey.

I feel this is helping me lose weight and also get for for my bike event in 8 weeks (Fred Whitton challenge)
Huel is great and enjoy the shakes and bars (with some milk)
I make a fresh shake up after I have finished and it is ready for the next day/morning at work using 3 large scoops and never had a lumpy shake yet, also I put a good spoonful of coffee in and it’s like a cold latte in the morning.

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