Nother sugar question

What is an average sugar content of 2000-2400 cals of hot n savoury and RTD, struggling to find the info on the packets.
Also how much sugar is too much?

Savory is about 3% rtd is about 5%

3 and 5% of what? For 2000 cals?
Any added sugar?

There’s about 17g of sugar in 2000cals of RTD. It is coconut sugar.

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Cheers that’s helpful for me

This link shows the sugar content of the hot and savoury. They vary quite a bit

Your right, carbohydrates, of which sugars seem yo have a huge variation. Hot n savoury are my favorite, at the same time I’m trying to reduce sugar intake as much as I can. Mainly avoiding things with added sugar.

Thanks for helping @hunzas.

The flavours vary in sugar mainly because of the whole ingredients e.g. tomato and herb is higher in sugar than thai green curry because tomatoes naturally contain sugars.