Nutrition addition for teenagers

Have a 15y old daughter who practice swimming 6 days (8 sessions) per week. Some days mornings and eveings. Quite tough. Son is 17, practices football 2-4 times a week + gym. Semi tough. Have a hard time to keep up with all the meals and want to buy someting not to replace but to compliment home / school meals. Thinking of carbs / protein in a mix hence landed here. Any experiences with Huel for teens, advice, what products to go for to top up and help them to get the best effects out of training. And ease my stress of always having food and good snacks between meels.

If they are 17 years and 364 days old, then it is officially recommended against having Huel as sole source of their nutrition. If they are 17 years and 365 days old (meaning 18 years old), then everything is perfectly fine.

On a more serious note, Huel is food - and more specifically complete food. Let the kids have as much or as little of Huel as they want - it will be better than anything else they might be eating right now.

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Thomas you can read more here - but as said at those ages its fine.