Teenage Athlete

My 14 year old Son is training 4 times a week with his team, he also does further training on his own. He is lean and struggles to put on weight but he needs to grow some muscles - can he use Huel as a pre work out meal and the Huel bars as post work out boost to make sure he is getting the right amount of nutrion.

He’s going to need to eat more if he’s not gaining mass.

The basic recipe is:

  • Progressive overload of muscular tissue
  • Sufficient caloric intake (modest surplus against TDEE)
  • Sufficient protein intake (amount is debated. 150g+ is likely reasonable guess)

Huel would be ideal, but I find that it sucks as a pre workout and gives me acid reflux. Post workout it is the best thing ever.

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This is a brilliant recipe for a young athlete, look at what American high school athletes do and you’ll see what can be developed at this important age.
Get him to take an interest in his nutrition and strength and fitness outside of his sport.
I’ll add pre workout I wouldn’t want too much, definitely not a shake that’s gonna slosh around for hours in my belly. A bar sounds a good alternative. I once drunk a protein shake 90 minutes before rugby training and spent the whole session holding down a protein vom. Only made that mistake once.