Oh dear

My new scales and sensors etc all arrived today. I plugged myself in and yeah, glad I’m doing this now rather than leaving it too late. Blood pressure wasn’t too clever either which is annoying because my resting heart rate is actually quite decent (65ish) and I tend to only raise it to 130ish on cardio days.

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Looks interesting, which scales are they?

Renpho Bluetooth ones. Less than £40 so I wasn’t expecting analytics like that to get beamed to my phone… still everyone gives them rave reviews and while I doubt the information will be as exact as medical grade stuff it gives me a decent guide for now.

When lockdown is over I’m going to book myself in for one of those full body MRI thingies and find out what nasties await me.

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Well, huel seems to be working…!

Ps. Feels incredible to be off that 16stone value!

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Progress on my official weigh in day!

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Just ordered these for under £20

Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Digital Bathroom Scales iOS Android app Wireless Body Composition Monitor for Body Weight Body Fat, BMI, Water, Muscle Mass Bone https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0838HSBF8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_IYgaFbEY90C41

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Looks like a good deal! Almost identical software from the pics, ah well, easy come easy go lol.

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I might be being easily confused here but how is it possible to have:
28.7% body fat
46.1% skeletal muscle
51.5% body water
16.2% something else I can’t read in the screenshot - bone mass?

That doesn’t add up unless my maths is very bad.

I think some of them are percentages of percentages. God knows.

Actually I think the bit you can’t read is protein composition.

Edit: typo.

Oh and I should add that my resting heart rate has now consistently been great and most importantly, blood pressure is way the hell down thank god. I was technically at the “yeah you need medication right now” stage for at least a few months but the last three days my systolic readings have been below 130 and diastolic below 90 (still some work to be done but very much “normal - high” rather than “actually very high - potentially fatal”

From their FAQ

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Aha! See, this is why I should read manuals etc (and never ever do sadly).

Fools rush in and all that.

Well that’s interesting - here’s my initial stats from the new scales (arrived today but not due until Wed/Thur; and that’s with free shipping from Amazon, not Prime!):

So my visceral fat marks me as obese but my body age is 48 when I’m actually 65 1/4 :grinning:

Will see how it goes now I’ve got these super duper :balance_scale:

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That’s interesting (btw I wish I had some of your stats omg mine are going down but it’s going to take about a year lol).

Do you do any cardio exercise? I understand (righty or wrongly) that cardiovascular exercise is very good for visceral fat.

No exercise whatever! (I’ve not left the apartment for 106 days now :confused:).

Well visceral fat around the organs isn’t a good thing afaik so may want to walk around your living room in circles! :laughing: Anything to get the blood pumping a bit more, just watch your heart rate.

I’m in much the same situation, except I have indoor training stuff - exercise bike, resistance bands etc.

I’m not a complete sloth and I do know I need to do more - I’m lucky that I live on the outskirts of the city so when I do get round to going out I’ll be doing laps round the fields.

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Probably more active than me before I managed to rediscover where my exercise bike was hidden… still buried in moving boxes from 18 months ago but at least I can now exercise!

Worst thing is discovering that when I was in hospital (about five years ago) and asked pickfords to pack everything up and put it into storage from my place in Epping, they literally packed everything. A carefully wrapped and packed box of coco pops that expired in 2016 was my best discovery today…