After my third weekly weighing good news I’ve lost 2.3kg.
Its now easier watching what I eat,
I’m using Fitbit with a Fitbit tracker. Also my fitness pal, the only thing I would like to sort is syncing my Fitbit and fitness tracker together.
I find using my fitness tracker is better than Fitbit but as I’m only able to sync the 2 Fitbit items together I’m using both, so any help with this would be great.
But we’ll happy losing the weight


Myfitnesspal is great for using different trackers/info.

That’s amazing weight loss, well done Andy. Keep up the work and keep us informed of how you’re doing!

Don’t seem to be able to link my fitbit flex 2 to my fitness pal.


Just a update on my Huel use weight loss etc.
Finally used to the taste and actually like it.
Just received my v2.2 only been on it for a few days all seems good.
The good news using my fitness pal and Fitbit tracker and app watching what I’m eating my total weight loss so far after 9 weeks.
Week 1 started at 99.3kg
Weight today 95.5 kg
Total 3.5 kg
Had a bad week in the middle and put a bit on but happy so far with the outcome.
Can’t wait to see what happens in a few weeks