One last roll of the dice / shake of the huel

i’ve tried huel a couple of times before (by that i mean made two purchases of two bags) at different times over a few years, and for whatever reason it never clicked with me, either the hassle of having to take it to work, the temptations of too many other things in the city to go out and eat etc, grab a tesco meal deal, greggs… etc…

also tried hot and savoury, and while it was nice, the tomato and basil put me off it for life, enjoyed the thai curry one, but the T&B just ruined it for me.

The last few months i’ve been working from home, i do 4 days per week, but longer days, which means i finish work at 7.30pm, or 8pm on some days.
Lunhc isnt a problem, so a sandwich is easy to make, breakfast is hit and miss but that one is a little more under control.

But i find finishing so late at night, that cooking habits become unhealthy, or the temptations to order takeaways has been stronger, and eating something heavy, hot and greasy sometimes, so loate, is making me feel a lot worse, and the pounds have piled on.

My logic was maybe NOW is the right time to try and go for huel again, and make that late meal, an easy one… so i dug out the most recent bag i had in the cupboard (its slowly been relegated to the lowest cupboard, pushed to the back… and it was BBE Dec 2020… so even though folk say it should be fine, in my mind, 4 months out of date is waaaay too much, plus… the flavours didnt excite me (chocolate and vanilla should be a dream on paper, but no)

My last roll of the dice (or shake of the huel) to get the last meal of the day under control, and include some sort of controlled healthiness, has been to switch to Black Edition, something that i’ve never tried before, as i have always gone for the normal powder version, and two completely different flavours, Salted Caramel, and Banana

Whats the point of this post? Probably accountability.

heres hoping this latest attempt is the one that clicks


You can’t go wrong with Black Edition my friend!! Banana is the bomb (see thread)

The key is to see it through no matter what. Stick to those 4 Huel meals a week and seek VICTORY!!!






Just see this thread for proof of positive Banana experiences (may be RTD but still BANANA):point_down::point_down::point_down:



delivery has just arrived, back to work monday, lets do this!


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What is your motivation? Do you think the shakes are more “healty”? Do you want to lose or gain weight? It doesn’t sound as if convenience was your main concern, because there are many other convenient things.

Maybe it helps to get a better understanding of why you are doing it -as it seems that you don’t enjoy these products.

It’s Tuesday @bingledee you got only 2 more days of delicious Huel filled evening dinners!



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Hey Dan, welcome back to the team. Sounds like a bit of a rollercoaster, I can totally sympathise with late night temptations. For me, I really find a big nutritious meal that fills me up and sees me through is essential. Anything else and I’ll snack at like 10 and yeah sure it might not be something that nutritious.

What do you mean? Surely if you didn’t like Tomato and herb but did like Thai green curry then you should stick to Thai green curry? Why did Tomato and Herb put you off the flavour you did like?

Let us know how you get along with Black Edition. So as not to waste the others you have do experiment with other flavourings. You can add loads of things without adding too much additional nutrition or calories. Have a search in some other threads for a load of great ideas!

Good point @mbs, would love to know more about what you’re hoping to achieve with Huel! Sounds like just all round healthiness and stopping some of your less nutritious food habits. But let us know!

2nd day, 2nd evening meal, and actually its going pretty well bud, finsihed at 8pm, and not having a large meal tonight

I’m Keeping on, Keeping on… for the week :slight_smile:

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Hey Tim

Yeah, I just think the motivation wasnt there, and coupled with the shifts, the temptations to get outside the office, and the calling of less nutritional choices was too much for my clearly weak will power :slight_smile:

Think the motivation for me is exactly that, be a little healthier, and try to introduce soemthing more nutitious into my habits, HUEL has to be my last meal of the day, as I work in a callcentre but working from home, so lunch at 2pm, but not finishing til 8pm, made the temptations to order that takeaway a but too easy. So having a huel when i finish at 8, is the perfect compromise.

So far so good with Black Edition, I mean i know its only two days, but taste wise, texture wise, it seems a lot better than when i tried traditional huel powder, maybe its just the psychology as well, maybe i’m ready to give it a whirl and make a fist of it, maybe i’m just more clued up and prepared

As for H&S, i think its because at the time there were only 2 flavours available, and whilst i enjoyed the Thai Curry one, the thought of having just that one on repeat over again, didnt appeal, but you seem to have loads of new flavours, so I’ll maybe venture back into the H&S world when the time is right.

Right no i’m focussing on my calories, drinking fluids, resisting takeaways, and having that HUEL as my last meal of the day, heres to success!! :slight_smile:

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Awesome to hear mate! Here’s to you! clings glass full of succulent Huel

If you do go for H&S then totally Thai Green - Madras is also lovely too (not too much spice) and Korma also. I ordered my first bags of Berry and UU Huel v3.0 (I’m a Black Edition dude) so will let you guys know if I feel there’s any difference between the two too!


Huel Black just works for me so well, one for breakfast and one for lunch and this is while working from home. When the world opens back up more I will be out and about for work and expect it to work even better as Huel lunches will be quick, healthy and help me avoid sandwiches and crisps.

In relation to you I would struggle to have huel as my evening meal, I like to cook and I feel to me an evening meal should be something a bit more traditional but if this works for you then happy days.

I would have a think about what you want to achieve and now that looks in terms of a time scale, you mention the being a bit healthier and resisting takeaways but maybe take that a bit further and add some steps / boundaries. E.g. only have 1 takeaway a week and aim to lose x amount of weight. I set myself a challenge to have huel for breakfast and lunch 4 days a week for a month and the reason is to improve my diet and help me lose the weight I have gained since my son was born in December. It’s actually been really easy and instead I am having a shake for these meals 6 or 7 times a week and I’ve lost 6 lbs (14lb more to go).

Anyway good luck

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To me your post is interesting because, for me, actually Huel (or the substitute I use because they don’t ship to Australia, booooh ;P) is a way to short-circuit that takeaway temptation. A bit of Huel on time stops the food fantasizing on its tracks, before it turns into an unstoppable craving for anything fried.

So, not to compensate or substitute, but prevent. … does that make sense?

Anyway… good luck.


That’s makes perfect sense and that’s more than likely it, it’s been so easy to make a heavy and unhealthy choice late at night when I finish work at 8pm, so the Huel is there as a deterrent from takeaways…

So far so good this week, 4 huel downed and no takeaways ordered…

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It’s a shame Huel don’t post to Australia yet but a great comparative brand is vybey - they’ve got both a dairy & plant based option. Their dairy version is obviously very different from Huel, but their plant based one from a nutritional profile perspective looks on par.
I’ve not tasted the new Huel powder but vybey have done a great job masking the pea & brown rice protein. vybey Complete Meal Powder | Plant Based | Chocolate Caramel Flavour – vybey | Premium Meal Replacement Shake

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Hey Jason! Vybey looks expeeeeeeensive :open_mouth: $150 minimum for free delivery?!

How do you find vybey compared Huel overall? It’s almost identical! Just curious to know :slight_smile:

where did you see that? their website FAQ says shipping is a flat rate of AUD 9.99 (£5.60) regardless of amount or location in Australia and meals are as low as $2.49 (£1.39) if you go for maximum bulk discount on one off purchases.

At the top of the page! Yeah don’t worry I know that the delivery fee/meals are low in price. Thanks Phil :slight_smile:

Harry! Sorry for late reply.

Yes really tasty & on par with Huel :slight_smile: The dairy vanilla is next level because of the lactose content obviously but you can mix it with anything in a nice smoothie.

Certainly does the job & have a load of organic & added nootropics. I’ve been using them for the last year & will continue. There are other cheaper brands in Oz but the quality isn’t there in my opinion.

Yo! Same here. Been off here for a fair while! Well I know who to go with if I ever land in Oz :earth_americas: