One month with Huel (at day 16) ... Order a smaller TeeShirt!

My first two weeks with Huel.
Ok so originally I had planned to be all self-indulgent and document day by day my Huel journey.
Then I realised that would be a bore of a read!
So, here’s my breakdown in blocks of ‘this might be interesting’
Day 1: Huel for breakfast ‘tastes great actually’ normal meals for lunch and dinner
Day 2: Huel for breakfast and lunch, normal meal for dinner ‘really hungry by dinner time’
Day 3: Huel all day ‘wow, how did I manage that! Not even hungry’
Day 4: hmmmm adding a banana for breakfast is ace!
Day 5: Adding peanut butter after a run quenches the hunger and stops fatigue
Day 6 – 14: Huel ‘easy, clean, healthy, sleeping well, exercising well, life seems so efficient, just like it suggests’
Day 14: Adding a carb based meal before a ½ marathon
Day 15: Ran a half marathon with only Huel and one meal in 14 days!!!
Day 15 – 28 …. Huel, all the way…

  1. It is how they advertise (diet, energy, ease)
  2. Feel free to experiment (breakfast smoothies are awesome adding a banana and peanut butter)
  3. Going to do this 3 months a year as I really (really) do feel like I’ve given my body a break after a month of being pretty much vegan and gluten free. Kicking my sugar addiction has been the biggest win!
  4. Word of warning! I ordered a Tee-shirt … Large … Lost weight … Now need a medium, order a lower size if you’re planning on losing weight.

Great summary. Glad you’re getting on well

Great @Matt_Barnaby! Hope you don’t mind if I use this on social media posts! :smile: