Hello. I'm new to Huel

Hello Huellers,

I’m new here. Just a brief history first. I’m an active person. Run 3/4 times a week, gym 2/3 times a week. I don’t need to lose weight and eat a great fully vegan diet and feel fantastic on it. So, Huel for me is to add another small meal after runs or work out to make sure I get everything and don’t lose anymore weight. I love my food and don’t want to replace any meals particularly but having Huel here, so far, is great - I will be adding various fruits or savoury foods too. Only second day in and I love the subtle vanilla flavour. Lends itself nicely to adding either sweet or savoury stuff and just feels good to eat!!
I’ve not come across anyone else using it like myself - I’m sure there must be plenty of you out there - I’d love to hear from anyone who does.
So far I’m just adding 2 scoops, so a light snack, after excerise. It may change - I’m just going to take it slowly. I’m looking forward to experimenting with cooking too!
Thanks for reading!


Welcome to Huel :slight_smile: