One week in and happy as a hippo

Hi all

I’ve been having Huel at work for breakfast and lunch for a week and I must say, it’s going well. Huel keeps me alert, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and erm… regular. :slight_smile: I’ve been vegan for four months.

Lots of people seem curious at work, I wonder if I can get nice fat juicy discounts for directing them all? I could try and set up some sort of distribution here - it’s quite a big company.

Anyway I love the product, I’ve got my brother to order some and I reckon my fella will follow soon.


Sounds like it’s going really well, Siobhan and thank you for telling your colleagues and family about it! We actually do have a refer a friend system which will give you (and your friends!) £5 off. The more friends you recommend the more you yourself get off! Follow this link after you’ve logged in to your account -!sharing/.

Thank you again!

Just as well you said happy as rather than hungry as :stuck_out_tongue: