Only part order received


I ordered vanilla and salted caramel huel but only received the vanilla one. I did get my free shaker and scoops but there’s also no sign of the free t-shirt I was offered.

I appear to have been conned.

Anyone else had this problem?

Just realised that DPD have re-sealed my box so it’s clear that my order has been open and my missing items have been taken from it. No explanation from DPD. I do wish companies wouldn’t brand there boxes so people know what’s inside.

Hopefully someone will resolve the problem and darn your socks for you as well

Slight jump to conclusions especially with a taped up box.

I will take your humerus advice and let my kind neighbours who took in the parcel know :+1:

Still a con if you pay for something and don’t receive it due to the only delivery method available for the products

Please email with this issue. As per the Rules of the Forum

If you have a question about an order, delivery or upcoming deliveries then it is best for you to email, contact us on Live Chat, or our social channels

You will be put in touch with our amazing customer service team who will be able to resolve your issue faster than any post to the forum will. The purpose of the forum is to have great conversations and polite debate about Huel topics.

This is also in the first pinned post when you join and in the welcome email.

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