Order #1295529 paid was for £488.52 not £46.83 that HUEL delivered -

As a single full time father of children average under 10, both with disabilities, and in remote rural location, I decided to order Huel in bulk as backup in case of emergency.

  1. Huel charged the full £488.52 pounds on order # 1295529 on oder on March 18, 2020 but knowingly delivered only £46.83 today. Futher their email of 23 March 2020 showed that they only intended to deliver £46.83 worth of goods in the first place.

  2. There is no phone line to contact them - and an online login claims that they have delivered my full order.

  3. In essence they have just stolen £441.69 from a family with serious needs and there is no way to get them to address the issue.

Hey, you’re understandably frustrated, but remember: you could afford that outlay in the short term, you won’t eat what hasn’t arrived in the short term, the delivery only happened today and Huel do have a support line. This isn’t theft, it isn’t being ignored, and it isn’t materially affecting you yet.

Hopefully it’s sorted soon. Though some of us have no Huel at all, ordered before you, have been waiting longer and have none left in the cupboard! Stuff’s gonna’ suck a bit for a while, but I assume everyone’s doing their best.


Thank you for your opinion and comments.

I think you either missed or decided to ignore the background context to my situation. I am a single father who looks after 2 young children average under 10 - 7 days week, 365 days a year. I have no support from the government. The youngest child has a serious disability.

You do not know if the situation isn’t materially affecting us yet. Of course it is. I have spent the last few hours trying to get through to Huel and have also spent an hour trying to get through to my bank.

The children in meanwhile were begging for attention while I tried to deal with this. Plus we can ill afford the extra £441 taken from my credit card.

I am not sure why you decided to take this so lightly. I guess it easy if you are not so affected yourself and do not have the same issues.

Finally, you are technically and legally wrong: If goods to same value are not delivered by the said date then the bank will recover from the retailer.

Plus Huel systems show that they made full delivery. Which is of course wrong.

Thank you for letting us know, we are terribly sorry about this and I completely understand how frustrating and worrying this must be.

I am in touch with our fulfllment centre about the order and will make sure to get an update for the rest of your order.

As this is a very large order, it’s likely that the order will be split up into mixed boxes and will vary in delivery time due to everything going on at the moment.

We have made sure to include Due to high demand, deliveries are currently taking up to 4-6 working days longer than usual. We apologise for any inconvenience.

On the order page and the order confirmation to make customers aware of this so I do apologise if this was missed.

Could you please confirm which items you haven’t received yet?

On the system I can see, 3x single bars, 1x gluten free berry and 1 gluten free vanilla has been delivered with the rest to be fulfilled, is that correct?


I will say i agree with Simon. I see why you’re annoyed but, having received SOME huel and your plan for it to be a backup, there is very small chance you will get through the huel you have been delivered before this can be sorted, huel are VERY good when it comes to customer service.

And the reason he says it wont affect you materially is because you made a conscious decision to spend £400+ at one time, which means, someone in your situation has considered that an amount you can comfortably spend, otherwise it would’ve been inadvisable for you to spend that much in the first place, regardless of what you have been sent.

And in the time i typed this @Charlotte_Huel has gone and proven that Huel are on the ball, so i’d better leave her a meme in appreciation:


Thank you for your reply. I sent a very credited detailed email to Huel with details of rugby item paid for on Order #1295529, and full details of what was surah delivered. I cannot type single item here but you have full details on email. Please note that there is a massive difference between an order of £488.52 pounds and £46.83 that was actually delivered.

The real issue is that you not only did you not notify in advance, but logging onto your system there is no genius record of items yet to be delivered.

That’s very poor.

Finally, may I say the aggressive apologists on this forum for issues such as this are very bad form. Maybe they have a commercial relationship with Huel, and maybe they don’t. But their aggressive justifications for Huel’s issues that cause considerable problems for end users do the Huel brand name no good at all.

Goodness you are extremely presumptuous about another family’s situation.

I wrote her on forum because Huel were unreachable. I didn’t write here for you to say it’s all right. For the record, the law is on side. If a vendor doesn’t deliver on the said date, then a consumer can get refunded. But normally such an issue doesn’t arise because a vendor will either warn you of a late delivery or be reachable to investigate the issue. And they have systems that show that they have taken your money and not delivered.

What you are saying is that it doesn’t matter if none of above holds. That it’s not only okay for Huel not to deliver, but to have no proper records and be unreachable. And for the customer to be grateful.

If you actually represent Huel you are trying to ensure that they get the worst possible reputation. Mistakes should be acknowledged and rectified - not aggressively denied.

As I said, I am also a consumer of Huel (no, I have no ‘financial relationship’!), my Huel is over a fortnight late and I’ve run out. I’m not an apologist for that: I just understand that we’re in the grips of a global crisis and some things won’t run perfectly. Re: ‘unreachable’, though, I wish I’d done a bit more to assure you in my first reply that Huel are really responsive and you were likely to get a reply within a few hours.

You’ve come in here extremely hostile to a mistake that only just happened and is pretty likely to be resolved before you’re materially affected. I get that people’s emotions are very volatile at the moment, but please remember you have the ability to be kinder than this.


Have you not got anything else to do but justify not only non delivery of goods but as well disappearance of £440 pounds from Huel Huel software systems? Of neither delivery, nor credit showing in account? Vaporized into thin air…I could live with non delivery for a few days, but have to get funds back soon so I c add make alternate system arrangements.

Accusimg me of aggressive behaviour is yet another claim of yours to justify what’s wrong. Making unnecessary personal remarks remarks about others and being presumptuous is something you should try to control - not impressive in the least.

Obviously it’s ot good that anyone is waiting 2 weeks for Huel - did your paid for money also disappear from their systems without delivery. If you choose to take it like that’s very magnanimous of you. I can’t afford this.

The world over this is not accepted practise. Accounts should be kept accurate at all times.

Other deliveries are delayed too. But none whose systems show that your money has disappeared and there is no updated information. None about what happened to your money or order.

This is not the usual delayed delivery. Software systems don’t fall apart because inventory is delayed.

I either want an acknowledgment that they have made a mistake and my money is safe, or they should refund. There is no other way.

After reading my email with full itemized details that have asked me to send them a list with full itemized details.

This despite the fact that they already had 2 detailed entries emails detailing the original order and what was delivered.

Clearly they have not bothered to read any of the emails. Why should they when you are here to push back on those who have lost money and time in addition to no delivery?

I wouldn’t panic too much - there’s no way that nearly £500 worth of Huel is going to come in one box - it will be split into multiple deliveries.
This is because delivery companies have weight limits for the health and safety of their couriers. All the boxes might not arrive on the same day.
Right now every single food distribution company is experiencing delays - from the fulfilment chain to the deliveries, because demand has increased way beyond what they could possibly have predicted under any forecast.
No one knew this world crisis was going to happen. Under the circumstances the food manufacturers and distributors are doing an amazing job - not just Huel - all the supermarkets too.
Saying that, Huel is the ONLY company that has fulfilled my order over the last three weeks.
I have been unable to secure a delivery from Ocado, Riverford, Abel & Cole, Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s, Asda or ANY other food supplier.
Yes my order was four days later than usual, but the website clearly states that there is currently a delay.

I agree that the website account area does not provide good information, which if you are new to the company could perhaps make you panic if you don’t get all the goods you’ve paid for yet your account states “dispatched”.
But Huel’s customer service has always been exemplary so you don’t need to be concerned that you won’t receive what you’ve paid for.
You will.
You said this was an order to stock up in case it’s needed - thereby implying you’re not actually in urgent need of it right now. So really it doesn’t matter if it arrives a few days late.
I think the issue has been all your time it’s taken to try to sort it out, which I can empathise with, but it’s practically impossible to contact any company or service provider this week.
For example I spent from 8am to 6pm phoning my pharmacy repeatedly non stop all day today because I’ve run out of essential prescription medication that was due last week. The GP insists they’ve issued the prescription electronically but the pharmacy has been unable to find it. I went in in person 3 times last week. Today I spent the day on the phone… unsuccessfully. It’s stressful. Really stressful. This experience has been repeated for literally everything I’ve tried to sort over the last week.
The only thing I did receive reliably was my Huel.
Thank you Huel.
I didn’t spend any time chasing my late order because i knew it come.
That’s when you know it’s a reliable company - when you can relax and have total faith they will get it sorted for you.

It sounds like you have a huge amount on your plate and you’re stressed right out. Understandably.
The good news is this is one thing you really don’t need to stress about. The Huel will come. And if you’re saving it for emergencies you don’t need it right now now (except to put your mind at rest).
Let us put your mind at rest for you… It’ll come.
I hope things get a bit easier for you.


Thank you for your write up.

The point being missed by everyone is not about the lack of delivery. It is a about the disappearance of over 440 pounds from an online account.

Assume no deliveries can be made for extenuating circumstances. That can be understood.

It cannot be understood that when a customer goes to website to check the order has disappeared along with the money.

Aa an ecample, one week ago Sainsbury delivered far less than what was ordered as well. But they didn’t charge for the non delivery and nor did their software system claim that they had delivered the full order.

This is a very simple thing to understand. This has nothing to do with delivery problems.

It has to do with being faithful to maintaining correct records about what has been sent and what hasn’t been. And keeping an accurate online system for customers so they assured that their money has not disappeared.

==>Delayed or partial delivery can be understood.

==>False inventory keeping and claims of full delivery cannot on client login account cannot be understood.

I think most people who replied did understand your issue. @ChristinaT certainly addressed it:

And it is an issue that a few other people have mentioned. Their website isn’t up to standard, and they made a mistake when they upgraded to a “beta” version instead of testing it privately and releasing it when it was ready. Other companies do public betas, but they are opt-in, or at least allow customers to opt out.

So you’re right, it’s no good. But we are trying to reassure you that Huel are a trustworthy company and they will definitely see you right. Because they always do.

They’ll be absolutely snowed under with emails and messages this week, but they will get to you.


@Fairplay Thank you for getting back to me.

I do completely understand what you are saying and I will make sure to pass this feedback on for you for future improvements to ensure customers are aware if their order is split.

I sent an email over to you yesterday afternoon, I’m afraid I can only see the only email sent yesterday at 12pm so I’m unable to find the details of the missing items.

Our fulfillment centre have confirmed once they have this information they can make sure these are sent out as soon as possible for you.

In the meantime, I have arranged a call to you. So if you could please confirm these items in my email response or on the phone, this would be really helpful.

If there is anything else at all I can do, please let me know.