Ordering From France

Hi There,

I want to have a try on a 1 month clean bulking with HUEL . I live in France , my question is , do i need to order from the German Website ? Is there any options to pay directly in euro on the UK website, to avoid conversion fees ? what are the deliveries delay from German and UK ?

Also, is a 100% Huel will help me to reduce my BF ? I am now 183cm for 75kg, my weight was 83 1 month ago before starting “cutting” (in fact, i was in starvation mode …)
i want now try to make a clean bulk, avoiding fat. I already tried JimmyJoy aka Joylent. The taste was great, i liked it. But now i want to have a try with HUEL, especially because of the low sugar . I think that yes, it will help me reducing FAT, but just want to know if someone with the same shape as me have tried HUEL .
Thanks ! ( and sorry for my english …)